WOZTELL Golden Partner : WhatsApp + zOHO

These days we are receiving many queries about ZOHO One and this has made us want to give a little light that will avoid the problems in using ZOHO One.

The first thing you have to have it clear is how to start using ZOHO One: 

The first advice is CONTACT YOUR PARTNER. They must help, analyse your needs, your current situation and your business objectives in a medium and long term. A partner is (or should be) a business developer able to show the way to reach your goals and even become an inspiration and a shoulder to lean on, when you need it. Do not buy software, buy the development of your business.

If you don’t have a partner to help you, contact us right now. We want to be your partner, right now, without wasting any more time!

Tips to use ZOHO One
What advice will we give you as a Zoho partner?

I’m going to offer you 10 of them, if you promise me that you won’t settle only with them, and that you will want more … because you deserve much more!

  1.  If you are a new user: don’t create the account directly in ZOHO One. ZOHO One unlike other ZOHO apps doesn’t have a free plan, so if you will not pay after the trial period, you will lose everything. It is better if you sign up by this link to FREE ZOHO CRM account and then choose “try ZOHO One”. So if you want to remain free plan after 30 days, you can do it in ZOHO CRM Free.
  2. If you are a user of a CRM, but you are not the administrator, talk to your administrator. You can’t make this decision yourself, since it involves strategic decisions and systems. Perhaps your administrator already has other applications that compete with ZOHO and there is no need to change, anyway, this decision should be studied.
  3. If you are the super admin of a small organization … In this case the price is something to keep in mind. If there is nothing that seems potentially dangerous and you have a clear architecture, we do not see any problem for you to migrate to ZOHO One. As we said at the beginning of the post, your partner will be grateful if you let them know (or us by this link!)
  4. If you are a super admin of a big company with many users, applications involved, etc., we recommend you to have patience and to take this change as a strategic decision. You should think that a few months ago you didn’t know about existence of new ZOHO and you can stay a couple of months more without using it. It is better that you establish a plan of change, where before launching a new application, you would have a team of early adopters, who will try out that new part of ZOHO, which you did not know, and they would become your evangelizers within the company, etc. 
  5. If you use GMail, don’t change it! From our experience if your team uses GMail, GDrive, etc., they will be very happy, and our advice is that even if ZOHO has its equivalent in ZOHO WorkPlace, your company should be focused on your business. Pay a few extra dollars to Google if your team is not annoyed with you, it will worth it. Later, when they have fallen in love with other new parts of ZOHO, they may be asking themselves to remove their Google apps.