ZOHO One the operating system for businesses

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ZOHO One – Business Operating System

ZOHO One is an operating system for businesses that allows you to have an integrated system to do a job with more intelligence. It is totally customizable according to the characteristics of your company and will help you grow faster as a business.

In ZOHO One you have the opportunity to have all the applications integrated in order to improve the whole business process and the different departments. Everything is integrated and online which will allow you to have an intelligent and agile administrative management. This is achieved through the automation of organizational processes.

You can choose applications to strengthen the weakest points of your organization. Each of the applications includes a mobile version so you can work from anywhere. The wide variety of intelligent applications will serve as an added service platform that will give more value to your company.

You have applications like Zia, a smart assistant from ZOHO. With it you can search and get information about your company quickly. You can simplify application deployment, company-wide security policies and user provisioning.

With ZOHO One you will receive a set of tools that allow you to extend, integrate and customize the software to best suit your organization.

You will be able to create custom integrations between third-party applications and ZOHO. And with ZOHO Flow you can extend applications with custom features. It also allows you to create custom single process applications with almost no code.

In other words, with ZOHO One you have the possibility of having an operating system that replaces all the scattered applications you have in your company. That is, you can replace all the paper-based processes, dispersed cloud applications and legacy tools with a single operating system for the entire organization.

ZOHO One allows you to take a holistic approach to your business. You have a complete and customizable platform that enables you to have seamless communication and integration between your company’s departments. This way you will be able to increase the entire performance of your company.

Let’s look at ZOHO One’s integrated applications

Thanks to having everything integrated ZOHO One has mobile and web applications for the accounting, sales, marketing, human resources departments, etc.

Sales Department with ZOHO One.

  • First of all, be able to boost your sales with a set of efficient sales tools. You have different channels with repeatable and structured sales processes. This way you will be able to have better sales results.
  • You will have several ways to talk to your customers which will give you more advantages to close sales. All ZOHO One channels have communication channels to close sales.
  • In addition, you can sell personally and anywhere using the mobile CRM application.
  • It is possible to associate each email exchanged with customer records. The same goes for telephony as you can integrate the CRM with the telephone system and thus develop more intelligent calls.
  • It allows you to generate customers and follow up through social networks. There you have live chat to also talk online with users of your website and be able to start the sales process from there.
  • It is possible to schedule calls online to present products and close sales.

This way you will have the advantage of defining and automating the sales process and reach a faster growth of your organization.

  • Track sales goals, average deal size and other key performance indicators.
  • Create quotes, invoices and sales orders.
  • Send sales contracts for digital signature.
  • Create and send quotes easily.
  • Empower your sales team. You can’t expect great sales results if you give them only a list of potential customers to call. With ZOHO One you provide your team with tools that will motivate them to sell more and better.
  • Gamified sales. You can motivate your team through contests and games.
  • Scanning business cards is another possibility. This way you can have them saved in the CRM system and ensure follow-ups.
  • Office application group. Create and share sales documents, presentations and advertising materials.
  • Communication with the team. You can chat with teammates individually or on dedicated channels through devices.

For the marketing department

The marketing department will have a series of tools to build your brand, send appropriate messages to potential customers and achieve improvements in profitability.

  • ZOHO One allows you to create, manage and optimize online stores and professional websites.

In this aspect you will have the analytical data to see the behavior of users in relation to your online store or website. It is possible to provide a personalized experience to the users of your website. It allows you to implement ways of attracting potential customers with tools to be in the right place and say what needs to be said at the right time.

  • Create customized forms to capture more customers and leads.
  • Publish on social networks and control everything from the same place.
  • Create surveys to know your users better and you can also create live events. Live chat, etc..

That is, you can automate marketing processes and increase the return on investment. These measurable and repeatable marketing processes give you the advantage of shortening the sales cycle. It also allows you to better align your marketing and sales teams.

This is just a sample of what you can do with ZOHO One. You have multiple functions not only for marketing and sales but for all sectors of your company. This includes for example customer service, human resources, logistics, etc. See more of ZOHO One here and you will see all that you can have. Keep in mind that with this product you access a formidable tool like WOZTELL, ask for more information about this opportunity.