Integrate your ZOHO Books with SEPA 19 & SEPA 39. In less than 24 hours

For everyone managing its finance in Europe with ZOHO Books le word SEPA has meant resignation for a while.

The need to create SEPA files to be used by the bank’s digital platform was a missing feature of ZOHO that SagitaZ chose to solve end of 2015.

Before dealing with the solution, we will briefly remind what SEPA is.

SEPA is a physical area and not a digital protocol, a mistake often made. SEPA means “Single Euro Payments Area” and is a common region where all payments in euros by card, transfer, direct debit are standardized.

This is an initiative launched by the european central bank to create a common environment to the EEC countries and to allow companies to automate their payment processes with the possibility of working with banks from other countries.

This initiative is so successful that currently are involved a total of 34 countries, the 28 from the european economic community and other peripheral countries.


Can I create the file to comply with the SEPA norm with ZOHO?

Our answer is simple: if ZOHO is the operating system for companies and if SagitaZ’s goal is to develop businesses through ZOHO tools, obviously yes.

SagitaZ is an example of company receiving payment transfers from customers for the monthly maintenance fee, support, etc… through the automated creation of the XML file the banks we are working with need (CaixaBank, BBVA, Santander, etc…).

We also have through ZOHO the payment automation (salaries, providers, etc…) similar than previously.

Can my ZOHO requests payments and inflows to my banks fully automated?

This option is 100% possible. We do not have yet the case of a customer who requested it to us because it is quite common to manually upload the file to the bank and to control it.

Besides, not many banks are offering this: It is up to you to choose.

And lastly: What happens if we have different due dates for the transfers?

Zoho Books manages this perfectly. Your bank will take into account the file received and your boss will be happy that you are spending less time to work on this task.

Do you want to know more?

Request an appointment / a demonstration with a presales specialist and enjoy your ZOHO!