WOZTELL Golden Partner : WhatsApp + zOHO

The webinars are coming back stronger than ever hand in hand with Zenith School, our Zoho training platform.

At SagitaZ we care about the training of all Zoho users, because we are aware of the complexity of some tasks when you work with Zoho every day. And this doesn’t have to be a limitation, because Zoho offers endless possibilities for your business, you just need to know how you can implement them in your company.

At Zenith School you can find University Degrees, Intensive Zoho trainings and even an eLearning platform called CampusZ!

CampusZ is where from now on, you will find the daily webinars and the best part of all is that they are free!

Why webinars?

Webinars are brief live online sessions of 30 minutes in which you can clear your doubts, from wherever you are.

What are the webinars about?

We currently offer webinars on Marketing and Finance Zoho tools, on basic and advanced Zoho CRM, on VoIP and on electronic billing integrated with Zoho.


In addition, to cover as many time zones as possible, the webinars are broadcasted from México and Spain.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re not a CampusZ user yet, sign up for free right now on this webpage and register for our webinars!

Need more information?

On this landing page dedicated to webinars in Zenith School, you can find all the information you need: how to access, the timetable, frequently asked questions, you can chat with a support executive and you can even get a call with just one click and all this for free!



“Knowledge doesn’t take up any space”