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The Zoho training platform that you’ve been looking for, is HERE

Zenith School is the place where you will learn to take full advantage of all your Zoho apps like you never did before, and you will also know how to adapt and use them based on your business needs. logo-zenith

Each business is different and each customer is a world unto himself, this is why it is essential to know how to handle all the tools that you work with to be able to come out victorious in all the situations you face day-to-day.

Want to be the hero of your company?

super-admin-zoho-docsIf you’re not, it is because you don’t want to! With Zenith School you have three Zoho training plans available:

1. ZEI: Zoho Enterprise Immersion

How many customers do you lose because your business is not organized? Have you ever thought about it?

Based on our experience we know there are customers that have been using Zoho for a long time and still haven’t managed to be productive.

This is why the main objective of ZEI, Zoho Enterprise Immersion, is to help you obtain a 360 degree vision of how Zoho CRM can help you to be more productive.

Here are some of the characteristics of this Zoho training:

·  It is taught by Zoho CRM experts with a broad experience in real projects.

·  Live streaming sessions, which you have the possibility to attend to, during 2 months.

·  Zoho CRM Enterprise formative license, so if you don’t have Zoho CRM it is not a problem.

·  Free Access to the CampusZ eLearning platform during the course length.

·  Business documentation package

Want to know more about this Zoho training?  Click on the image below and visit the web!

2. Zoho Creator University Degree

The new edition of the Zoho Creator University Degree starts next October 7th. This training will allow you to quickly create solutions to your company’s and customers’ problems. Just what your business needs!

In this new edition SagitaZ works again side by side with the University of Valencia in this International Diploma that comprises 10 modules and 1 basic knowledge module, in which you will learn how to make adaptations and create custom apps using the programming language of Zoho Creator.

Enroll for this Zoho training and create custom apps for your business in record time. Hurry up, there are only a few spots left, contact us and don’t leave your business behind.

3. CampusZ, Zoho’s e-learning platform.

Access the CampusZ eLearning platform and acquire all the knowledge you need, with over 500 formative videos, to make the most out of your Zoho apps.

No more excuses to not take full advantage of Zoho!

Access now, chose your course and enjoy your Zoho training whenever and wherever you want!

Fill out this form and with Zenith School take your business to the infinite and beyond!!!