WOZTELL Golden Partner : WhatsApp + zOHO

Do you have doubts about to migrate to Zoho One or not? Are you tempted by the superlicense but not sure if it is the best option for your company? We as partner of Zoho can guide you in this process.

We have published a series of tips that you can surely take advantage of, in this second part we continue with very interesting info that will be useful and in case of doubt, you know that we are ready to help you. Call us!

6.  If you use ZOHO CREATOR… call us or call us! These are the important words. Although ZOHO sells it as something simple to make an application is a few minutes, you and I know that although what you can do is incredible. Also its price changes depending on the year of purchase, its limits when it comes to developing, etc., can be affected by the simple fact of clicking the button to try ZOHO One.

7. Do you use ZOHO CRM Plus? Alert! Alert! To migrate from CRM Plus to One you will have to do a complex process to explain in this post, and we really think you’d better contact us. Our support team works in Spanish and English 14 hours/day on soporte (@) sagitaz (.) com. Or by this link, don’t think twice!

8. Do you know 100% who uses ZOHO in your company? If your company is 20 or more users in size, you’ll be amazed at all the work you have to do behind the ZOHO applications. Because your employees inadvertently entered an APP that they did not want, they use a ZOHO that you did not know in free mode and it makes them not to be invited to some specific parts of ZOHO One. Again the advice is to make a user access map, pass a survey and have a support of your partner on your side.

 9. Have you already made an annual payment? Don’t worry, we can help you and ZOHO will refund the annual payment for each app you have paid. It is not direct and can take from a few days to a few weeks. But do not worry, our team will chase your money to get the return as if it were ours.

 10. You don’t understand if ZOHO One helps you or how it can help you to be different from your competition? So what you really need is to catch a plane to visit our company and see how in just a couple of years we have gone from being 4 people to being more than 30. Visit us at our offices in Valencia (Spain), Mexico DF (Mexico) Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Grenoble (France).


 Do you want us to help you? Contact us by this link