Zoho One worldwide launching with SagitaZ in Mexico

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We had been preparing the Zoho One launch for almost a year and we could consider it, without a doubt, the most powerful release of Zoho in years. At the end of July, the Indian company presented a suite with more than thirty-five applications to operate at all administrative and logistic levels of a company at a very reduced price.

Zoho One is a breath of fresh air in the sector, a new way of understanding the day-to-day life of large and small businesses. A broad, powerful and accessible technology solution that changes the rules of the game thanks to a low cost comprehensive software proposal of excellent quality.


Zoho One Launching. Presentation by Christophe Méndez, Mexico’s SagitaZ CEO

We had the opportunity to be at the presentation of Zoho One in Mexico and to actively participate in it with a presentation by our CEO in Mexico Christophe Méndez.

The attendees were also able to listen to two Zoho representatives passionate about the Office 2.0 revolution and SaaS, such as Carla García, regional sales manager for Latin America and Raju Vegesna, Zoho Corp. Evangelizer.

Zoho One Launching. Presentation by Raju Vegesna, Zoho Corp. Evangelizer

It was a unique opportunity to know and understand the incredible 2.0 revolution that Zoho offers to all those who join the Zoho world. As Zoho’s Alliance Partners we are honored to be counted on for the worldwide launch as we work tirelessly to enhance the experience of thousands of companies around the world through this suite of applications.

Now, for 30 € / $ per employee per month, anyone can operate at all administrative and logistic levels of a company, access the thirty five apps and be permanently communicated, through a single account.

Do you want to be part of the Zoho fever? Contact us, we are willing to work side by side with you and surprise you with the incredible growth that your company can achieve at all different levels.