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There is no doubt that it is the tv phenomenon of recent years. Game of Thrones has shaken up the way tv series are understood and congregates millions of people with each new chapter.

And you say, what does this have to do with Zoho? But we say, what it does NOT have to do with Zoho? We see a lot of similarities between this TV series and Zoho, and after reading this post you can tell us if you agree.


Without exagerating, millions of people mark in their calendars the beginning of each new season and Internet is shaked up every Monday because a new chapter is available online. In fact, social networks and media become a hive of comments about every chapter detail and those who have not seen it yet are very upset because of the so much hated spoilers.


Something similar happens with each of the new feature of Zoho, as we have seen recently with Zoho One. With each launch we receive many calls and emails asking what, when, where and how, in a hurry and even with some anxiety, by new and old clients. Each launch that bears the name of Zoho revolutionizes the sector and we look forward to it as eagerly as we do for Daenerys.

ROUND OF 180 ·

Until Tyrion, Jon Nieves and company came in, the fad of fantasy-inspired content was not only old-fashioned, but associated with ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and a very specific type of consumer who was not a generalist. Nobody knew that shortly afterwards the great public was going to be crazy about dragons, magic and the aesthetic of fantasy … And it doesn’t stop here, now the public wants more.


If a few years ago we would have been told that all that complex and expensive software, that we were forced to learn how to use, was going to disappear in favor of a much cheaper and intuitive one, we would have not believed it. The same way we would have never believed that our bosses would encourage us to use chat and open alternative communication channels. And much less we would have believed that we could work from anywhere in the world connected through our phone. That is the Zoho revolution.


We can’t count the times a certain character , who we’re not going to name, has died in Game of Thrones. How many times we had become fond of a character and has disappeared, not always in a friendly way. The script turns that this tv series has are legendary and force you to always be alert because at any moment a sword appears and everything changes.


Zoho maintains this tension and although as Partners we are offered information about what is to come, we are always amazed about every implementation and improvement offered in their apps. Without a doubt we know where we are, but we cannot imagine where Zoho can lead us, and that uncertainty is our engine to keep growing!


Your best friend is sick of you talking about the series and laughs at you every time you tell him he would love it. Until he sits in front of the tv and his jaw drops to the floor and instantly becomes a Game of Thrones enthusiast for life and even names his cat after Jon.


Zoho’s spell is very similar. When you haven’t used Zoho you do not know if it will be better than what you have. But one day you look out, test their apps and suddenly, you do not know how to live without them and you become an evangelizer of everything Zoho offers you. Shortly after you fall in love with the infinite possibilities through Zoho Creator and when you see how the problems that you had in your company disappear with their solutions, you surrender and become a Zoholic.

We have written four reasons, but everyday we find new ones, because we believe that both Game of Thrones and Zoho have much in common. Massive phenomena that changes the lives of those who know them, even in different areas.

Are you a zoholic like us? Tell us what made you become one…