Zoho Cliq, happy to meet you: Goodbye, Zoho Chat!

Zoho Cliq
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We have enjoyed it a lot, but  now is the moment  to say goodbye. See you, Zoho Chat. Hi, Zoho Cliq! We are glad to meet you! And surely you’ll be also delighted when we will tell you the hot news about it.

Source: www.zoho.com

– You can make calls and video calls in private chats and thus connect directly with your colleagues wherever they are.

– You can create commands and bots to integrate your internal tools with Cliq, as well as with third applications.

– You will use Primetime as a Live Video Chat for groups of users and have talks or meetings with  the comfort of the office.

Source: www.zoho.com

Is there anything better than a gif? Now you can use them in your conversations, look for them in the emoticons smileys section.

– If you have received an important message that you don’t want to lose from track, now you can mark it with a star and then find it in the section of Starred Messages.

– By the option of creating events, you can invite your colleagues or be invited to participate in one and so, to organize your daily work .

– You may create external channels with other colleagues, favoring that you can collaborate more effectively.

– You can create your own apps and upload them to Marketplace.

– In addition, you can use Cliq wherever you want through the mobile apps and the desktop computer.

Now just enter in Zoho Cliq and discover by yourselves everything that is prepared for you. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us to solve it, we will be happy to help you to  grow!


Original text: Princy Priya | Translation and adaptation: SagitaZ.com