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Monday, December 19th at the SagitaZ Sales team meeting. Everything is about the holidays and New Year’s Eve but our manager face reflects concern:

“SagitaZ needs to bill 20.000€ to close the year and achieve the company goals”

This year has been an eventful year for SagitaZ with the arrival of the new Mexico team to serve the LATAM and US area, the launching of new products such as VoIP 100% integrated with ZOHO CRM and ZOHO adaptations to comply with SEPA standards, the launching of a training campus and more new things that will be revealed soon.

All this is the result of a “great investment in Research & Development, and Marketing, maybe too great for a company like ours” and now comes the cold water bucket:

We need to bill 20,000€ in the next 10 days to be able to close the year without worries.

If we think about the growth of SagitaZ, the company has gone from 4 to 28 employees in the last 2 years and this is just the beginning, soon we will open an office in Argentina, we have our eyes set on Russian-Speaking countries…and we’re going to start working on projects that could lead us to China.

The thing is that we need 20.000 €. So, after setting our goals, the sales team got to work and came out with the following strategies:

  • We have 10 working days until the year-end closing.
  • Many decision-makers are going on vacations but the owners of small and medium enterprises will listen to us if the message is appealing.
  • SagitaZ has over 450 clients: Cross-selling Objective!
  • If a company is generating benefits, maybe they would like to invest on improving their structure to pay less taxes.
  • We have many “season products”:
    • Billing system switch to start the year with ZOHO Books
    • Zoho Books adaptations to comply with SEPA standards
    • Online / face-to-face training for users that work during the holidays
  • We’re going to personally contact the costumers that are more likely to decide to invest 1.000€, they just need to call and ask for any improvement for their ZOHO tools.
  • If necessary, we’re going to postpone our vacations to January and march together the final stretch until the very last day of the year.

We only have 10 days….and we’re like crazy looking for any hints, seizing each opportunity, every request…and “You” what do you need? What do you think we can do for you at this very moment?

SagitaZ…the dream factory needs one last push to cross this year’s finish line…would you help us?

Contact us by chat, you can find it in the lower right corner, and we will call you! We’ll keep you posted on our challenge here and on the social networks!

Merry Christmas! 😉