How is a Consultancy with SagitaZ

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Legalcity is a legal advice company for foreigner focussed on Criminal Law, Civil, Labour and Inmigration Law. Based in Barcelona they offer different services to clients worldwide and their business has a 30% increasement per year. We had the pleasure last week to receive their managers, Alexandra Godia and Jorge Graupera to give them a consulting session. We collected their main feelings within this interview.

-Did you know SagitaZ previously?

-Yes, it was two years ago when we were looking for a CRM program, but I met José Pérez, SagitaZ’s CEO again, in zoho Community Meetu in Barcelona and then I realised I needed SagitaZ for my business. I wan the best for my company.

-What were your expectation of SagitaZ consulting?

-They were very high, to be honest and they achieved the expectations because we saw everything clearly. We didn’t have management clients system and we needed to set up a job system which could integrate all our departments (Finance, Direction, Marketing and Sales) and furthermore connect them with our Zoho CRM.

-What is the most you appreciate from it?

-The proximity, the confidence, the transparency and security the have given to us which is very important.

-How can SagitaZ help you?

-In everything. SagitaZ brings us help in terms of technology and strategy. SagitaZ goes beyond Zoho Consulting, because they help to reconsider your business strategy with 360º vision. Their in depth analysis has allow us to better know our company and to consider other aspects we didn’t know from the inside. I think with all departments connected we’ll be able to optimize our job processes and save a lot of time, which means saving money in business world.

Do you want we give you a business advice? In SagitaZ we are willing to help you, to improve your company and get the maximum profitability. Contact us!