The students talk about the Zoho University degrees…and very well!

Zoho University
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The University Degrees classes of Zenith School, the first and the only one online school for business focused on Zoho applications and created by SagitaZ, are ready to start. Take advantage of the last days to register and to become an expert in Sales and Marketing, in Developing Web Applications and in Finance with Zoho Applications. The Zoho university degrees are certificated by Valencia University and also from Zoho and are an excellent opportunity to better know the Zoho apps.

The students recommends the Zoho University Degrees

If you are still doubting, it’d be better you listen to what the students from last edition said about Zoho Creator Degree. All of them pointed their big satisfaction with the Zoho Creator Degree and they also recommend it because “it is very flexible and we can respond our client’s needs, Patrizia Volonghi, Sooite Solutions’s CEO, Zoho’s partner in Italy, says.

Patrizia comments they have specialized in Zoho Creator and they have the intention to train to her company’s employees in this tool. “Thanks to Zoho Creator we have implement successfully this tool in a perfumery company, she says.

What the students of Zoho Creator degree like the most about Zoho Creator is the “user-friendly functionality even though you don’t know anything about programming, CEO’s Meet me before buying, Mercedes Winberg adds.

Gift voucher. Register for free!

And what do you think if apart from good recommendations of the Zoho Creator University degree, you can study it for free? Yes, that’s true! We have a gift voucher you can use to get training, consulting, auditing once you are SagitaZ’s client for the same value of the degree you choose. Fantastic, isn’t is?

Hurry up and register in Zoho University Degrees!

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