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Your Zoho webinars are back and RENOVATED!

This week the daily webinars come back full of novelties! Now the Zoho webinars have a new home in the CampusZ eLearning platform and they are streamed through a new live streaming channel, they also have a new structure, new topics and a new timetable.


One of the webinar’s greatest novelties is that they’re not only about Zoho tools, but how they integrate with your business in areas such as sales management, marketing, finance, VoIP and electronic billing.

Are you aware of all the possibilities offered by your Zoho CRM? Do you efficiently manage your finances with Zoho? Did you know that you can make calls and follow-up on them within Zoho CRM? Are you aware of all the benefits of VoIP? Do you need to implement electronic billing in your business?

Zoho experts will talk about these topics and much more on the daily webinars.

As we all know, something new can always cause uncertainty, this is why we’re going to answer some questions that you might be asking yourself at this very moment:

1. Are webinars still free?

Yes, 100% free. Their structure, the topics and the platform have changed but they remain free.

Zoho applications are constantly evolving. This is why when you register, you will not only have access to the webinars but to over 300 lessons on Zoho applications.

2. Are there any requirements to be met?

The only thing you need is a device with a good internet connection, speakers or headphones and be eager to learn about Zoho.

To ask questions you will also need a webcam and a microphone. Regarding the internet browser, we recommend Mozilla Firefox.

3. Are the webinars recorded?

The live streaming sessions are not recorded to respect the privacy of the participants. This way, the participants can freely exchange information about their businesses and learn how Zoho can meet their needs.

However, there will be pre-recorded video content about Zoho applications so you can watch it as many times as you need to.


Register now!

Would you like to know more about the new webinars? In this webpage you can find all the information you’re looking for!