Ways to manage a marketing department with WhatsApp

WhatsApp marketing manager
WOZTELL Golden Partner : WhatsApp + zOHO

The ways to manage a marketing department with WhatsApp will be related to the strategy of the department and the momentum that this tool provides. That´s to say the best that exists in the market for this is WOZTELL. It´s a tool created with Zoho and WhatsApp.

How thanks to WOZTELL we will be able to manage the marketing department using such a powerful tool?. First of all, with Zoho you have an impressive CRM from which you will be able to integrate WhatsApp. Then all your communications with Whatsapp will be centralized in the CRM.

All your digital marketing strategy can be developed from a customer relationship manager who will facilitate all the activity.

Thanks to this type of tool, you can be more productive by saving time. Automated responses and reports on all communications, for example, will allow you to have total control of how everything is done according to the strategy, planning and specific activities.

It has been a long time since Zoho users have been waiting for an integration with Whatsapp as this communication tool has become so important. So you can have a smart solution to communicate with current and potential customers. For example, thanks to WOZTELL communication with contacts, clients and leads is made very easy through the ZOHO Cliq interface.

What does Zoho Cliq do?

Well, you will see how wonderful this tool is. Because it uses instant messaging and you can store all messages automatically as well as the data that has been shared in all communications.

But this is just a sample of all the potential you have with WOZTELL. A wonderfull tool to manage your company’s marketing with Zoho and WhatsApp.

  • You can see all the messages that have been received and sent from WhaatsApp in a customer, contact and/or lead tab.
  • Moreover, you will be able to see the files that have been shared in the conversations with just one click. To clarify, you can do that without having to load the CRM and optimize its use.

Time and resource savings are ensured by the message based workflows.

It´s the most modern thing that exists since actions such as responses can be automated according to the type of messages and their contents. This is really great, and here are some ways to manage a marketing department with WhatsApp. This is the modern, measurable and most productive way.

It is possible to plan a marketing campaign with this tool. Everything is properly programmed towards your contacts, leads or current customers from WOZTELL. With personalized messages and selecting the WhatsApp contacts you want to incorporate into the campaign. All programmed with date and time. Isn’t that great?

On top of that, WOZTELL integrates with SalesSignal which gives you the ability to view and manage all WhatsApp messages, emails, calls, etc. Everything from your customers in one place.

Moreover, if a customer is not connected to the internet, they will be able to receive SMS text messages thanks to the optional SMS Failover call. This way, none of your customers will have problems receiving communications from your company such as payment due and flight information, etc.

Among these and many other features you have functions such as contact blocking and exclusion.

This allows you to moderate the behaviour of your contacts, preventing them from sending messages with inappropriate content, for example. It is also possible by this means to request cancellation and thus avoid sending WhatsApp content to for instance, a customer who is not interested in this type of communication channel.

In conclusion, there are many ways to manage a marketing department by WhatsApp. Traditional and modern ways through WOZTELL. With the old ones you will lose time, money and your company will not be as profitable. However, with the new ways of management your company and your pocket will thank you.

So don’t wait any longer for the train to pass by and get on board with the future that is already present. SAGITAZ is a golden partner of WOZTELL so you have access to these powerful functions at your fingertips.

Contact us now and ask for more information as we have a great offer for you. What are you waiting for? Go ahead!