How to use WOZTELL in your company

Cómo usar WOZTELL en tu empresa
Aprende cómo usar WOZTELL en tu empresa y crecer.
WOZTELL Golden Partner : WhatsApp + zOHO

Let´s see how to use WOZTELL in your company. WOZTELL is a great tool that when integrated into your company you will see fantastic results in the short term. As you know, it is a tool that integrates WhatsApp into your CRM. With this you acquire great advantages for the operation of your business. If you were looking for a solution for your communications you will find something even better.

Thanks to WOZTELL your business will grow, be more efficient and productive.

You will be able to have in one place the management of your logistics, customer service, marketing, sales and more. How to use WOZTELL in your company? Very easy, just follow the instructions and in a short time, everything will be running.

  • The first thing you need to know is that SAGITAZ is a Premium Partner of ZOHO and a Golden Partner of WOZTELL so you are guaranteed everything.
  • This gives you a great advantage with us since we will be in all the processes of incorporation and integration of the software with your company.
  • We are much more than resellers and you will have maximum customization between WOZTELL and your company. This is because every company has its own particularities and will need customization adjusted to its unique characteristics.

This is something very important to take into account when integrating your company with WOZTELL. Many providers of this type of service and business solutions only apply the same thing to all businesses. This is a mistake because if you do not take into account the particular characteristics of your business to include WOZTELL it will not be effective.

Remember that you will be able to use WOZTELL in your business and:

  • Send, receive, store WhatsApp messages in your CRM, HelpDesk and e-commerce store.
  • Use your current business phone number.
  • Create automated messages to start conversations with customers and contacts
  • Analyze and improve communication strategies.
  • Study and improve sales and marketing techniques.
  • Monitor all communications.
  • Unlimited storage, sending and receiving of messages.
  • Ready-made or manual message templates.
  • Security processes guarantee the good use of the communication system.
  • Possibility of sending notification SMS.
  • Multimedia files can be sent and received.
  • Check the status of each message sent. Has it been sent, received, read, etc.?
  • Total respect for WhatsApp’s business rules.
  • Full compliance with GDPR standards to send messages with 100% peace of mind.
  • You can use emojis to convey emotion to your customers and leads This way you will be able to have smoother relationships with them.
  • You’ll be assigned a WhatsApp Business Account Manager who will help you build your business. You can meet with the specialists to improve, get advice and learn about improvements.
  • In addition, you will be able to create reports where you can evaluate the impact the tool has on your business. In this way, you will be able to objectively measure your performance.
  • Control the sending of messages, their status and the possibility of sending SMS when your client is not connected to the internet.
  • Furthermore, you can use as many WhatsApp numbers as you want, without limits. This way you can use certain numbers for different departments in your company. Or for different languages, countries, etc.

All this and much more is what you can expect thanks to SAGITAZ.

You can’t imagine the surprises we have planned for this year. A great company never stops and we are always innovating and developing new business solutions.

In short, how to use WOZTELL in your company can be summarized in something very simple: in a very simple way, you can try, integrate and use it. In a short time, you will see how all the indicators of your business improve. You will receive all the support, advice and training to get the best possible results and more.

When you are able to evaluate and compare how your business was without WOZTELL and how it is after 3 months of use you will see a big difference. This will be noticed by your entire business. From your employees to your customers. Forget about having to go in and out of different screens, programs, websites, etc. Now you will have everything centralized in a great tool called WOZTELL. Everything will be easier and more productive for your business.

What are you waiting for to order your business solution? Are you going to continue with the old slow processes that make you lose time and money? Start enjoying the benefits that WOZTELL has for your business right now. Contact us without obligation and you will receive personalized advice.