Why hire a financial software for your company

Contratar un software de finanzas para tu empresa
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Having a financial software for your company integrated into your ERP is of great importance.

Let’s see why you should have one. One of these reasons has to do with the fact that more and more information is needed in a short period of time. The finance department of your company can have the financial and accounting information in a short time.

This financial information can go through the different departments of the organization quickly. This way, managers and directors will be able to count on the information in time and form to be able to make decisions. These important positions in the organization have to make decisions every day that are important. Having this information in real time allows them to take decisive actions with better arguments.

This is because management programs are modular. So ERP systems add finance and accounting modules that gather data and provide reports. In this way the company has the data of assets, accounting, collections, treasury, etc.. With this data you can automate tasks, a reduction in costs and improved performance of the company.

Why add a finance module to your business

  • The ERP of finance provides important data that are taken into account by the directors and managers. In addition to decisions you can make diagnostics of finance, see indicators, graphs, schemes that give a true picture of the business situation.
  • For companies working in different regions it is possible to work in different currencies and in different languages. In this way the internationalization process of the company is accompanied.
  • Nowadays it would be impossible to do most of the finance and accounting tasks manually. Using an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner) program, complex calculations can be made and the data can be made available quickly.
  • Thus, the ERP of finance manages to increase the efficiency of this process since it handles much larger volumes of data using considerably fewer resources. This allows the company to focus on those activities that really require dedication and thus boost the business.
  • On the other hand, it reduces the number of errors associated with the human factor. Beyond the fact that these types of errors cannot disappear completely, they can be reduced considerably. The fact is that we still depend on human actions such as entering data.

One of the best advantages of financial software is that reports can be generated automatically.

This increases the speed with which reports are generated and lowers the costs of generating them.

  • Another key factor has to do with anticipation. It is possible to know in advance the cash requirements of the business. It is possible to anticipate year-end closings in order to achieve tax benefits. Aspects related to the purchase process are also predicted. Thanks to this, price negotiations, payment methods and deadlines are improved.

In short, the reasons to hire a financial software for your company are many but the main one is that the competition must be already using it for sure.

If you want to hire a financial software for your company we recommend ZOHO Books.

This financial software allows you to manage all the accounting and finance and much more. It now has a new functionality that has to do with SEPA. You can see more information about this feature in this post here. It is also recommended for the eInvoice function for Mexico.

Zoho Books is one of the best online accounting software to manage your finances. You will be able to automate your company’s workflows and it will help you work collectively across all departments in your organization.

Accounting and finance across the enterprise.

From negotiating agreements, sales order taking, invoicing and all accounting activities.
It is very easy to collaborate as you can determine roles by adding colleagues or the company’s accountant. This way they will be able to manage different parts of the business such as time recording, observing reports and managing accounts.

All in a 100% integrated platform and being able to integrate more than 40 ZOHO applications as the business advances and grows.
This way you can see your accounts receivable, inventory, time tracking, reports, contacts and banking. You can keep up to date with the accounts payable and know where these payments are going.

Creating and sending purchase orders is easy, as is uploading receipts for expenses and keeping records of payments made.
But this is just a sample of what ZOHO Books has to offer. I recommend you see all the features of this business finance software at this link: ZOHO Books.