Boost your business with Zoho CRM and WhatsApp

Zoho CRM y WhatsApp
WOZTELL Golden Partner : WhatsApp + zOHO

Zoho CRM and WhatsApp together represent a great opportunity for your business.

If you are not yet aware of what this technological advance represents, we will summarize it here. Let’s start by looking at what a CRM is. CRM is an acronym for the phrase “Customer Relationship Management”.

This means customer relationship management. The main advantage of CRM is that it manages to centralize all customer data in a single place. But not only that, in Zoho’s case you will see that you have all aspects of your business unified in one place.

Furthermore it allows you to have everything centralized, improve productivity and be more competitive. The data obtained from CRM will be very useful. For example, you will be able to segment your customers, have a more controlled management of your company and have the potential to improve customer retention and increase their consumption.

WhatsApp integrated into Zoho’s CRM enhances all aspects of CRM.

Communications with your current customers and those who are not yet customers will be much more productive. In addition to the benefits already detailed you can give all communications a greater customization.

With Zoho CRM and WhatsApp you will have a number of advantages over your competition that will set you apart from the rest. If you want to be a company that cares about its customers then you are on the right track. With Zoho’s multi-channel support you can reach your customers through chat, phone, email and social networking. But now, thanks to the integration of WhatsApp, this communication tool is also available to you.

This will allow you to improve sales performance through sales automation. All this CRM from Zoho and WhatsApp is customizable and expandable.
On the other hand through the reporting and analytics tool you will have very important data. With this data you will be able to track everything that is happening in your business. Thanks to this function you can draw up business strategies and see their results.

The security that is an essential aspect in a CRM is guaranteed with Zoho. This is a very important point since you cannot leave your entire company in the hands of just any CRM. Invest in security and support.

Now thanks to the integration of this fantastic CRM from Zoho with WhatsApp you will be able to contact your customers, leads and contacts of this messaging application of more than 1300 million users directly from the CRM. This is called WOZTELL and using the Zoho Cliq interface you will be able to use the messaging and save all the messages and data that have been shared. All this within one place.

Advantages of the integration of Zoho CRM and WhatsApp.

You are going to be able to see contacts and leads with all the interaction developed in the same place. All this with ease, speed and efficiency.

Workflows based on messages according to the capacity of the CRM. Thus, automations such as answers and different actions can be carried out. It is a state of the art technology that manages to read the context and contents of the messages and based on this establish effective communications with your customers. The customer who consults will be grateful to receive fast and effective answers. If you have excellent customer service your business will improve.

Something as important as marketing will benefit from this integration between Zoho CRM and WhatsApp.

  • The ability to better plan your marketing campaigns towards your leads and contacts will become a reality. WOZTELL allows you to choose which leads to send the campaign to. You will also be able to send messages with the maximum possible personalization by scheduling dates, times and everything.
  • The integration of WhatsApp with Zoho’s CRM, which is a marvel, without a doubt the best in the world, allows you to work with the SalesSignal tool, among other things.
    This allows you to view and manage all of WhatsApp’s messages along with other media such as e-mail and calls in one place.
  • Among the many useful tools you will find in WOZTELL there is one that is spectacular. It is a tool that allows you to always be in communication with your customers even when they do not have internet connections available.
  • Imagine that you have to send an urgent notification and the customer is not connected. This will not be a problem since you have a tool that can send an SMS to the customer when the WhatsApp message has not been delivered in a certain period of time.
  • You will be able to have all aspects of communications with total control, such as blocking users who have sent inappropriate messages and the option to unsubscribe those who do not wish to have this means of messaging available.

The big advantage you have is that SAGITAZ is none other than WOZTELL’s Golden Partner. This allows you to achieve the best proposals for your company.

I recommend that you contact us now and request a proposal tailored to your company. I have no doubt that you will receive the best proposal for your business.