WhatsApp in the Sales Department

WhatsApp en el departamento de Ventas
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WhatsApp in the Sales Department of your business integrated into a business management software

WhatsApp in the sales department is something that has exploded. The need of people to always stay connected is something that companies can take advantage of. So companies have been using WhatsApp as a way to connect with their customers and potential buyers. Sales departments have been revolutionized by the use of this type of tool.

There is no doubt that there is a close relationship between the customer and the brands when using WhatsApp in the sales department. Of course, WhatsApp is not a social network, but it does allow businesses to optimize better marketing, customer care, and sales strategies. An example of this is that many companies include on their websites the option to share on WhatsApp. Even more, so companies that add tools like WOZTELL that integrate WhatsApp Business with ZOHO’s CRM.

It is a path full of opportunities that if you do it in an orderly way you can get good advantages for your business.

To begin with, it is good that you use a number from your company that is the link between the brand and market. Using WOZTELL will allow you to integrate everything in one place to handle WhatsApp communications. This way you can manage all the marketing, customer service and logistics in your business management software.

With the data you save from customer interactions and leads, you can gain insights to improve services and business strategies. The sales department will have an excellent tool to increase sales and coordinate better joint actions with the marketing and customer service department.

Customers will be able to receive personalized offers since you will be able to create profiles according to the content you get from each user. You will also be able to improve sales as your answers to user queries will be faster and more effective.

The customer will see their experience as a user improved and will be more loyal to your business.

As for your virtual store, you must have it integrated there. It is important that it is well visible the possibility of contacting. This way you already have users as registered leads and you can do pre and post-sales follow up. Although you can have a consultation schedule, the good thing about having everything integrated with WOZTELL is that your users will have 24/7 attention.

Thanks to automated messages that can be configured, you can provide answers to your users. Always leave permanent attention. At least you’ll be able to provide an answer for the beginning of the interactions.

On the other hand, you will be able to notify customers of the status of their orders. This way they will be able to follow up and have the support of your brand.

By using this tool, the sales department will be able to have better segmentation of the users and send offers accordingly. This way, conversion rates can be improved. You can create specific groups with a certain profile and even individual users.

You will have the peace of mind that WOZTELL gives you all the security framework of good use of WhatsApp Business. Everything you do will be compliant and you will be able to work with peace of mind.

You will be able to send discount coupons. Promotions, news, and different communications easily and quickly.

As mentioned above, you can measure all these actions and see which ones generate the best results. It is good to always be sending messages and valuable content so that these messages are well received.

In short, the use of WhatsApp in the sales department and through WOZTELL is of great benefit to your business. You can increase your sales if you take full advantage of this tool. Communications are managed from one place. Everything will be more agile. You will be able to develop more and better sales strategies. Communication between sales, marketing, customer service and other sectors of your business will be better and more comprehensive.

Furthermore, you will save on resources and even your staff will have more time to take advantage of more productive actions. It is a way to transform your company into something more intelligent.

In resume, if you want to modernize your business and your sales department by integrating WhatsApp, you can start now. Contact us today to learn more about WOZTELL. And try this business management system with WhatsApp Business integrated into your company’s sales department.