The best gift for a Zoho Lover

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    Thinking what to give this Christmas?

    We have the perfect gift designed especially for all lovers of Zoho …

    The new and unique collection of Zoho books

    Be the firstone to have the first edition of this book: CREATOR for zohobabies. This a book designed for all geeks in the world of programming and, of course, for all Zoholovers.

    From the smallest to the oldest, you can enjoy this unique product. Designed as a toy with which the smallest of the house can play without any risk, with materials and finishes especially designed for them.

    Enjoy watching your baby begin to become a Zoho Lover like you, with this book written in the programming language of Zoho CREATOR: Deluge script.

    Do not you have any baby to give it to her? Do not worry … we will not tell anyone!

    Get it now!

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