FREE Christmas Lottery Sagitaz Corp

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The Christmas lottery of Spain is a tradition since 1763 that gives enthusiasm to everyone who participates.

During 2018, it was a year marked by success in SAGITAZ, we acchived to one of the greatest global partner in Zoho, leading the transformation in Spain, Mexico and other countrys. The only feeling that we have it´s a deeply greatfull.

From our Headquarters in SagitaZ we have thought that we would like to share this illusion, for that reason we will give away Christmas Lottery participations, this year the number is 30761, and the best thing is that we will not ask for anything back.

You had read well, we will NOT ask for anything in return, and here there is no small print.

The ‘grand prize’ will be awarded with four million euros to the series, approximately 400,000 euros to the tenth, the second prize will amount to 1,25 million euros per series 125,000 euros to the tenth. While the third with 500,000, the two fourth prizes will be 200,000 euros and the eight fifths 60,000 to the series.

We are not going to ask for ANYTHING, we do not care if you are our client or not, that you use ZOHO or not, that you work with the competition or that a friend simply sent you the link to this post to participate.

We want to get excited with you and that you have illusions with us, that you think it can be and that we cross our fingers together.

If we wins, we only hope that someday we can meet each other to give us a hug and toast for the luck we were able to share together.

From here fill the contact form below with your email.

  1. The participations will be close on December 21 at 11.30 am CET, by filling in the form you accept the terms and conditions of participation.
  2. You will receive an email with the confirmation of your participation, on our behalf. Please save this email.
  3. On December 21 at 4:00 pm, we will send you an email informing you the amount corresponding to your participation.
  4. If we dont have lucky, the 22nd we would send you one last email giving you thanks and confirming that at that moment we proceed to delete the list of participants of our initiative.

The rules of participation are:

  1. If the prize to distribute is less than 150€ per person, we will distribute in an amount of an NGO, proposed by the participants, in addition to a vote among those participants.
  2. In case of we win a more than 150€ we would discount before distribution a 3% for an NGO that we would deliver on behalf of all the participants.
  3. The deadline to claim is the last day of January at 24 hrs. Time of Spain. After this time you cant ask for nothing
  4. Only one participation per person and mail is possible, in case of trying to participate more times, it is cause of expulsion.
  5. Only for adults of age can participate according to the country’s legislation.
  6. We will comply any aspects of spanish national legislation.
  7. You can participate in anyone who wants it if you do not violate any rule and is in good faith.
  8. The organization reserves the right to add or modify any standard for the good purpose of the initiative.

Sagitaz, as well as any collaborator and employee, reserves the right for any error or omission of information in this campaign.

This is an initiative based on good intentions and good practices in which any misuse of a participant may be grounds for being expelled from it without the right to be compensated in any way.

You can contact the organization at mail

Good Luck 😉

¿How to check my participation?

You have to recibe an email, please save it. It´s the only way to claim the prize.