Apps for zohobabies: The first collection of ZOHO books for babies

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In SAGITAZ we are crazy about ZOHO, we are #ZOHOLOVERS, authentic ZOHO evangelizers. Therefore, we have created the best gift for Zoho geeks.

Apps for zohobabies is a collection of 7 volumens with the particularity thath the can be washed and have the materials specialized for babies, soo the kids can play with your Zoho book, that contains your daily word, without problem.

The idea and conception of this collection comes from the CEO of SAGITAZ and MVP de ZOHO, José Pérez. Who after having her baby Alma, decides to create this product for her and to be able to unite what she is most passionate about: her family and ZOHO.

The first collection of ZOHO books for babies

The collection consists of 7 volumes based on each of the modules or tools of ZOHO: Creator, Finance, CRM, HR, Marketing, IT and Telephony. But it’s not a book just for babies!

From SAGITAZ we encourage you, whether you are a fan of ZOHO, a programmer, or if you have a crazy friend that is, to take the first volume of the collection: CREATOR for zohobabies; written with the programming language Deluge Script, and delights all your friends and acquaintances with a unique ZOHO product, for all audiences.

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