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Customized warehouse management solution in the food sector with ZOHO Inventory

We are going to see a success story again of a company that has implemented the warehouse management software for its company by means of a customized solution developed by SAGITAZ with ZOHO Inventory.

Finding business management and finance software is not easy. Many owners end up prolonging an endless search. The problems come together and taking the step to implement software that modernizes the business becomes a priority. Entrusting your business to a ZOHO solution provider requires that you do so with someone who has experience. It is important that it is a recognized company and an official partner.

This case is a very good example since the implementation of the business finance software has been very useful since it has had to be customized. The standard version that was available did not meet the requirements of this company in the food sector. More specifically, a fresh and frozen seafood company. This is a great example of how SAGITAZ is an excellent implementer of ZOHO’s solutions.

Description of the company for which the business finance software was implemented.

Our client, as we said above, is a company belonging to the food sector. The company has its own staff. In turn, they make up the chain of purchase, on the coast, and distribution of the product throughout the country.

The company also has several strategically located warehouses. Near the areas where the product is captured, to ensure its quality. This way they avoid the long displacements and manipulation of the products. They are in charge of the selection and purchase of the fresh product at origin and its distribution in markets and restaurants in their area.

Since the fresh produce has a short shelf life, in a maximum of 2 days, it is subjected to a freezing process in the nearest warehouses. Subsequently, this product is marketed as frozen.

In this process, it is necessary to have correct control of the fresh units independently from those that are frozen. On the other hand, the expiration period is different. It was required control of the available fresh stocks separated from the frozen stocks. In addition, it was necessary to have control of the exact location of the goods.

The solution provided by SAGITAZ

  • ZOHO Inventory was implemented, allowing our client to control stock units, both loose and in boxes, and expiry dates.
  • For each physical establishment, a warehouse was set up for the fresh product and another for the frozen product. The user registers the purchases of frozen and fresh products in the corresponding warehouse. When the product is frozen, a transfer is made to the frozen warehouse.
  • Batch tracking was activated in ZOHO Inventory. This allows you to keep track of the product’s capture date, the expiry date of the fresh product and the new expiry date of the frozen product. In addition, the system informs them of the traceability of each piece or box and thus provides a FIFO product release.
  • In addition, by means of Purchase and Sales Orders, the goods stored by the intermediaries themselves and owned by the company are controlled.

As you can see it has been an excellent personalized solution that gives the company a total modernization of its work processes.

It is a great example that business finance software can be adapted to any type of business beyond its particularities.

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