Security at ZOHO. Your company and your data safe

Seguridad en ZOHO
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Security at ZOHO is one of the most seriously taken issues. This great company has more than 10 million users around the world. Safety at ZOHO is not a slogan or a play on words. It involves a series of practices, actions, and technologies that make maximum security possible for ZOHO’s customer data.

Security at ZOHO has two areas such as Network Security and Physical Security.
Let’s look at physical security in detail.

  • Firstly, it is important to point out that ZOHO has physical places where it houses data that are protected from inclement weather. These are places where there are no floods, fires, earthquakes and other types of natural disasters.
  • Data protection is total in terms of time. Protection is provided 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. This protection is provided by specialized security guards.
  • There are also video surveillance cameras with night vision that control the data centers permanently.
  • There is tight control of the entrance to each of ZOHO’s data centers. Only previously authorized personnel can gain access. Furthermore, only those who can authenticate their identity biometrically or by two-factor authentication can access it.
  • All ZOHO servers are located in discreet locations. Their appearance does not demonstrate the purpose they serve. This makes it less identifiable for attacks.
  • Datacenter perimeter walls are bulletproof and very strong. As you can see, security is a reality for ZOHO.

Let’s now look at what relates to Network Security.

ZOHO has a large security infrastructure in place to defend against the most sophisticated cyber-attacks.

  • 128/256-bit SSL: this refers to communications between user computers and servers. This is done in an encrypted form with 128-bit keys. It means that if the information is successfully intercepted between servers and computers, it is almost impossible to decode.
  • IDS/IPS: System that shields ZOHO’s network that has impressive power. It prevents and detects intrusions.
    On the other hand, and as if this were not enough, the accesses to the information in all phases are audited and controlled by keeping the access history.

There are levels of access so that ZOHO applications can be developed in a system with total security. This system is designed in levels down. This increases security and reduces vulnerabilities.

All data traffic present in ZOHO is automatically analyzed. This way, viruses are scanned and databases and protocols are updated on a regular basis. These two ZOHO security systems are complemented by 2 other systems that make everything even more secure.

ZOHO Security in processes and people.

  • There is a restriction on access to the data centers. Only the most experienced employees have access. These accesses are registered and all passwords are regulated. Only those specially selected to give support and attention to customers have access to customer data.
  • Audits are carried out on a regular basis with management supervision of the entire process.
  • Access to customer and data center information requires authorization. These authorizations must be given by customers or management.

Infrastructure has been designed based on the fact that failures can always occur.

  • First of all, services are executed through a distributed network architecture. Thanks to this, if a server fails, there is no impact on the applications being used or on the system itself in any significant way.
  • You have a configuration of the servers based on what is called “Redundancy”. This means that there will always be a power source available or a backup in case there is a failure of the main source. Thus, the system always has continuity.
  • In order to avoid internal network failures, redundant network devices are used.
    There are control and level of temperatures that allow having everything inadequate levels by means of redundant cooling. HVAC or HVAC systems are used as well as systems to control the temperature.
  • Moreover, there are also fire prevention systems, data protection, and periodic backups.

Finally, there are more ZOHO security features that for obvious reasons cannot be detailed so as not to expose security itself. But rest assured that security at ZOHO is a fact and not words. Contact us for more information.