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The event that will set a milestone and provide us with a before and an after in the history of SagitaZ!

New Year, new challenges and also new working methods aligned with the type of company we want to become. This is why we have decided to celebrate our convention in Spain, where we will deal with important topic such as what we do, where are we going, and the training needed so we can efficiently do our jobs, etc.

For this reason, from February 4th to the 18th, the SagitaZ 2017 Convention will take place and it will be full of RELEASES such as the new web, new tools and new products.

Convention 2017 SagitaZ ZohoBut it doesn’t stop here, we will also have sessions about:

  • Product knowledge
  • Process standardization
  • Contingency plans
  • Strategic communication 2017
  • And sessions where the employees from SagitaZ México and SagitaZ Spain can get to know each other.

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The sessions will be streamed online. During this event, the SagitaZ Mexico and the SagitaZ France team will work at the headquarters of Spain and the business hours for Mexico will be from 8 to 14 h live, and from 14h to 18h (GMT-6) by email.