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You can analyze all the alternatives, think about all the scenarios that can happen, plan everything, be it your life or your ZOHO, but there is something you can not predict that will affect you when you create a company (in my case in Spain), and is that an earthquake in Mexico can be something that makes you tremble.

When you decide to embrace our ZOHO cloud world, the rules of your life change. It’s not about working better or worse, optimizing your time, or seeing yourself in what is called globalization. It is about being a free person.

When you really dare to take the red pill (Matrix) you begin to understand that something that happens to the other side of the world can affect you professionally and personally; suddenly, appear new people in your life, whom you worry about, new friends you’re making by a video call, and even a “new type of family”.

My “other family” who works in our company in Mexico has had a great scare.

It was sudden and with the misfortune to be right after an earthquake drill, this one, as if he had heard the call and wanted to demonstrate its capacity of destruction, decided that the moment had arrived.

Mexico is a country that every time I visit, it shows me the love and respect it has for my country, Spain, and how step by step emerges as a great world power.

SagitaZ Mexico offices after earthquake

From here I want to send the strongest of hugs and a message full of energy from the entire SAGITAZ team, independent of the country: there is only one SAGITAZ and it is now the moment that we all have to help a little more so that our family there, can recover normalcy as soon as possible.

Our offices have suffered many flaws (we have been very fortunate for it was only that!), but the most valuable thing is our team and their families, they are safe (we have been fortunate again!). Now we must look for new offices, distribute the work among the rest of offices of SAGITAZ in the world, and look for stimul, motivations, and challenges that make our team can look forward.

We apologize if these days we give a service from Mexico less quickly than usual. You can contact the offices there, through the SAGITAZ website, the RRSS, or by email. We are evaluating whether to change the office.

We plan to add an anonymous and direct donation button to the Mexican Red Cross then through PAYPAL, as well as during 2017, we will propose to the new users of our new solution “Where is my money stopped?” instead to pay for it, make a donation for its use, if they wish.

To all those who have the opportunity to generate wealth in Mexico, now is the time to do it with more energy if it fits. Please do not forget our social responsibility.