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It is well known that CRM is an increasingly used tool in companies and as an experts of this field we have taught all types of companies to put their information in these types of applications and get benefits from them.

But let’s face the truth:

If you buy only a tool, you may turn around and leave. It will not take a long that your employees may get scared and look at CRM as a problem and end up not using it.

The goal is that companies save time, improve their processes and advance exponentially thanks to having used a CRM. But the reality is that without proper guidance, this type of change is very difficult to implement and more to maintain. Therefore, our advice is that companies should dedicate time and effort to work in this process. Adopting a new way of working is expensive in time and resources and therefore, you have to study well in what direction they are invested.

What is our advice as CRM experts?

Step One: Know well your own company

Whoever decides what CRM to use must have a deep, eminently practical and extended knowledge of the functioning of the company. Someone who knows all about the processes carried out, how they are done and in which way they are done.Do not choose the responsible for ZOHO as if it were something with no importance. That would be like choosing your racing engineer for Formula 1, someone who doesn’t know anything of your team. It does not seem logical, right?

Step Two: Know your own needs

Once we have a deep and thorough analysis of our company at the table, we must be able to see beyond. We must detect possible improvements, failures, work funnels and needs. What does my company need to be able to get up and running more efficiently?

Step Three: Know the different CRM variables and contact an expert

With our needs in mind, we will be able to discern what type of CRM is the best that can fit us and which will become a useful tool for our workers, not a burden.

An expert must know his tool in depth and, with the needs of the client, guide him so that he can get the best of the CRM.

Remember that an expert should demonstrate you that he is an expert showing his own company is an example. It is as if you are looking for a creative web, and his web is a disaster. Use your common sense.

Step Four: Training, training, training

Make sure that your employees are properly trained in CRM and that when they have to use it, they have no doubts about it and have realised the optimisation of work it entails so they do not see it as a burden.

Remember that SAGITAZ has a unique method in the world to ensure that your team is actually trained. Contact us and we will tell you more (our blog also reads the competition and we do not want to give them clues!!)

We, at SagitaZ, consider ourselves business developers and problem solvers in equal parts. If you trust our criteria, we will help you to make your CRM a great tool thanks to our training and support.

If you are willing to take that step, we will accompany you.