Zoholics. What’s new in Zoho CRM 

Zoho CRM
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As you may know, in SagitaZ we keep you informed about last Zoho news like new updates, new features as well as new tips and tricks in order you squeeze your Zoho. And we didn’t miss the opportunity to do it again. We are talking about the event of the year: Zoholics of Marketing and Sales, celebrated last 11-12 April in Austin-Texas.

If you missed it, no worry. We catch up on last news about Zoho CRM presented by VP Marketing, Rodrigo Vaca.

There are a lot of and big changes in the new CRM. What didn’t change in Zoho CRM is customer service, the price and user-friendly. We are going to talk about new features. Some of them you probably know, but maybe you don’t know others. Take note!

What’s new in Zoho CRM?

Zia Voice. One of the big news of the year has been the birth of Zia Voice, the conversational AI for sales team, the only CRM in the market. With Zia Voice you can chat or speak from your mobile or desktop to get information and perform actions, create your own intents. You can ask Zia: What was my revenue last year?

Zia Voice is also able to predict deals and lead conversion looking at a number of factors: amounts, geography, history of your business. Zia knows your business better. Another feature of Zia Voice is email sentiment: Zia identifies the tone of every new email and tells you if your customers are happy or not and when is the best time to contact them.

-Portals. With new CRM you can make you customers, partners and vendors part of your sales process. You can also assign every type of permission to your user types: customer, partners, vendors. For example, you can say: a customer is going to be able to see this particular information.

-Zoho CRM in 24 languages. Your Zoho CRM speaks your language and is compatible with 24 different languages.

-Blueprint enhancement. You can specify SLAs (Service Level Agreement) and ckecklist for blueprint states. With new Zoho CRM you can now put SLA for every step of your sales process. You can customize how your steps look like. For example, you can say: after an order is created, then it goes sto fullfield…

-Richer customization. New CRM allows you to add images for easy identification; you can use custom bottoms or include fields of your choice and get your your view customized.

-Catalyst. Another bigger improvement is Catalyst: the hyper customization platform for yor business. You can create and customize applications you may need which are going to interact with Zoho CRM.

These are some important news about Zoho CRM which were presented in last Zoholics, that took place in Austin. We’ll tell you more Zoho news. Stay tunned!

In the meantime, we encourage you to discover new features of Zoho CRM and to tell us your feelings. We wait for your comments!