Move from Excel to your CRM in 10 days

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The implementation of a low-cost CRM is entirely possible.

Are you thinking of implementing a CRM in your company but you are not sure if you can count on the right budget for it? Well, don’t worry because at SAGITAZ we have several solutions for cases like yours. All our clients have customized solutions according to the type of organization or business.

An example of what happens in many companies is that the same person who does the invoicing does other tasks. For example, he or she makes sales, takes calls, makes quotes, provides after-sales service, etc. This causes errors and inefficiencies in organizational management. Surely all the effort you put into your business deserves much more than this.

Don’t you feel identified with this type of situation in your business?

In an organization, one of the most important departments is marketing and sales. This department has to be well organized to function well. Surely you have thought more than once about the problems you would have saved if you had had a better organization. Proper management of any department in your organization is essential. If you do not achieve this, you will surely lose customers because you do not manage these departments well.

Wouldn’t it be good to have a clear idea of what your contact, lead and customer base is like? By this we mean knowing:

  • The behavior of the users.
  • How they have arrived,
  • how they’ve become customers.
  • At what point they became customers.
  • Why they are not yet customers, who have left as a customer and for what reasons.
  • What customer service is like, what your after-sales service is like, what communications are like.
  • What marketing and sales techniques and strategies give the best results and for what reasons. You cannot know all this and much more without the tools that a CRM like SAGITAZ can provide you with.

The market in almost any sector is increasingly competitive.

There is a war out there for customers and only the most professional and best-managed companies succeed. You can’t afford to lose sales. On the contrary, with improved management you must be able to sell more, capture more clients and retain them for a long time. At the same time, you have to get those customers to recommend you as a company to other new customers. But only by maintaining quality management can you sustain a good situation.

Now you can have a tool for sales and marketing management, adjusted to the needs of your organization and configured for specific objectives. The Zoho CRM cloud tool allows you to manage your organization’s sales and automate marketing and sales processes to save time and costs.

Forget about being more competitive by saving on costs that detract from the value and quality of your company. It is not with fewer salaries, nor worse services that you will be able to be more competitive but you will achieve it by having a more effective company.

You may be thinking that the investment to obtain such an important tool as ZOHO’s CRM requires an impossible investment for your finances. No, you are wrong. SAGITAZ Corp. offers you an implementation of a low-cost CRM that you can start enjoying in only 10 days.

In a short time, you will have implemented a sales methodology, all your information about what is happening in your company will be centralized in a single safe place that you can access from anywhere and you can control who else has access through profiles, roles, and IPs.

In addition, you will reduce low-value tasks and you will be able to automate repetitive jobs; capture data from your customers’ web sites always complying with the GDPR and, as if that were not enough, you will always have the option of scaling your solution with new functionalities, integrations, data analysis, etc.

This low-cost implementation is fast, in the cloud 100%, made by expert implementers with experience, and totally scalable.

In short, a technology partner like SAGITAZ can help your organization get to the next level, boosting your challenges and solving the problems that arise. At SAGITAZ Corp. we are the best Spanish-speaking ZOHO implementers. See more of what this business management software can offer you here. Shall we talk?

Don’t hesitate to contact us today to start enjoying ZOHO’s CRM and give your company a boost. Contact us and an advisor will be able to tell you what to do next. You are just a few simple clicks away from making your company the best.