Management software for construction companies and success story

Gestion constructora EDIFESA
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How can a Construction Company work in the Cloud with ZOHO Creator? Let’s look at a case study of management software, developed by SAGITAZ, for construction companies.

Construction management software, developed by SAGITAZ, such as ZOHO Creator can optimize workflows in a revolutionary way. Edifesa is a clear success story of how to manage business data in fully customized applications using ZOHO Creator, with real-time functionality.

Find out what EDIFESA’s success story has been!

Edifesa is a company in the Construction, Building and Civil Works Sector. It has more than 50 years of experience in the sector. According to the expressions of Nacho Gil, Construction Manager, they had many emails that were difficult to manage. They also had to manage a large amount of paper for a company like theirs. This made it very difficult to optimize organizational processes.

SAGITAZ CORP has developed a tool to achieve the management of the Company’s Quality System. By means of a Mobile APP the final client of Edifesa, took a photograph and with it, the company was able to generate a report automatically.

EDIFESA’s Quality System increased significantly by being able to manage all its customers’ requests in a timely manner. The documents, being in the cloud, made it possible for subcontractors to review the documentation. This reduced decision time.

Zoho Creator: Management software for construction companies. The story of the company’s manager.

In the words of the manager of the construction company Edifesa, Nach Gil:

“We were very excited because it was a brutal shift towards innovation and creating something of our own. My company is dedicated to a building and civil engineering department. We had a lot of problems and we had to solve them somehow. There were a lot of emails and a lot of construction paper.

This way we started to create the quality system that was a photograph and automatically made a report. The owner enters his home and if there is any kind of damage or failure that is found we automatically in five seconds and notify who has to repair it. Then for the owner is a shock because it is creating a report in front of him in five seconds.

The truth is that in terms of image to customers or corporate image of the company is a radical change for the better. The documents are in the cloud and automatically the subcontractors upload the documentation and our site personnel does the checking. If you have a new worker on-site, we put their identification number in an app and the application automatically tells us if they are in order.

It can be changed at any time, we could modify it, extend it, remove it, move it, etc. When they showed us what we had created and where we were going to get to, we got excited. We went to have a few beers and celebrate. So today we still create because we think it has a lot of potentials to make our lives easier or more controlled.”

This is just one of the many successful experiences of companies that have managed to become better organizations through management software for construction companies developed by SAGITAZ.

Thus, companies that modernize their organization manage to sell more, have more benefits, lower costs and more satisfied customers. In addition, this type of software allows you to have total security of your company’s information as well as to comply with all current regulations. We refer to the labor standards as well as those that correspond to data protection.

With the customized solutions developed by SAGITAZ with ZOHO Creator, you will have everything under control with complete reports and statements. You can spend your time on the things that are most valuable to you and your company.

We want to advise you and be your reliable partner on the way to optimizing your company’s organizational processes. SAGITAZ is an experienced partner of ZOHO and more than 1200 clients have trusted us. We can provide you with the best solutions adapted to the particular characteristics of your company. Consult and contact SAGITAZ now to find out more about the advantages you will obtain for your organization.