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With 12 years in the market, Zoho Creator keeps adding new improvements, so the creation of applications is much easier with this platform. Thanks to the last version, Zoho Creator 5, its 2 million of users will have the possibility to build mobile applications, among many other features. We review the most significant ones with the help of Anish Mathew, head of Marketing of Zoho Creator, we had the pleasure to talk with in this interview.

– Zoho Creator new version brings new and interesting features. What would be the most important?

-Mainly ,the possibility to create mobile applications, since it was no possible before. Now every app you build on Zoho Creator comes with a native app for iOS and Android by default and users can distribute their apps through the App Store, Play Store. Furthermore, with this new Zoho Creator version you can rebrand your apps as you like and you can customize your app with your logo without using Zoho’s one. 

Another new functionality of Zoho Creator 5 is geolocation. How does it work?

-He have connected the app with Google Maps and then it is possible to collect data automatically without introducing them manually. For instance, sales agent doesn’t need to introduce client’s data every time he visits them. Moreover, an activity registration of commercial department is provided and you can know where are they every moment. 

-One of the main difficulties users had with the old version of zoho Creator was the creation of dashboards. Now it is easier with Zoho Creator 5, right? 

-Yes, that’s right. This new version is more user-friendly with a simple interface and whoever without programming knowledge can design an app from the begining. With the old version of Zoho Creator programming languaje like html and css were needed, specially to create dashboards. Now with this new version, you don’t need anything about programming because you have pre-built elements and a drag-and-drop interface, so you can get to a finished dashboard faster than before.  

Furthermore, we added over 50 ready made apps to our existing App Deck. Along with hundred form+workflow templates, you might realize you don’t even need to customize them. 

-How is the process to create workflows with this new version? 

-We realized notifications and approvals are the workflows more used. Our Deluge-based workflow builder has got a new drag-and-drop functionality. This means you can now create basic workflows like sending notifications, showing or hiding fields, creating schedules, and enabling approvals without having to code them. You can, as always, add advanced workflow functionality using Deluge.

 –Another improvement of Zoho Creator is the integration with other applications. What are the main ones? 

-Zoho creator is integrated with 35 applications like Zoho CRM, Recruit, Books, Salesforce or Quickbooks, allowing the conection of 2 aplications easily and without introducing code. All apps you create or install share the same database, which means you can look up and add information across them without additional integration. 

Now you know everything about main features of Zoho Creator 5. The only thing you need is to ckeck yourself how easy is to design an app from the begining. One millions of apps have been built with Zoho Creator. And yours? Shall you give a try? START NOW