Aids and subsidies for the digital transformation

Ayudas para la Transformación Digital de PYMES y Autónomos
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We have good news for those who need help to transform their company through ZOHO and SAGITAZ. Aids and subsidies for the digital transformation

You can now digitalize your business processes without mortgaging your future. These aids and subsidies for the digital transformation of small businesses will help you to access these modern business solutions.

If you already know this type of business solutions you will realize the opportunity that is presenting itself. The fact is that this type of service for optimizing business is the future of companies. You could use some help. Not only in relation to the economic aspect but also in relation to the advice you will receive. Keep reading and you will see the opportunity that is presenting itself to you.

For your information, there are three types of Aids and subsidies for the digital transformation of small business.

  • Non-refundable subsidies.
  • Financing.
  • Deductions.

The aim of these grants is to promote innovation and technological development in companies. It also aims to stimulate the improvement of organizational processes in small business and their digital transformation.

They are intended to cover a large part of the cost of those projects contracted for the incorporation of information and communication technologies aimed at improving the competitiveness and productivity of the small business.

Within these projects, it is contemplated that previous consultancy services and/or audits for the analysis, diagnosis, and definition of an implementation strategy can be included. This is done with the aim of providing an interested company with the best ICT solutions according to its needs. In addition, we want to provide the best way to incorporate these solutions effectively.

The beneficiaries of these Aids and subsidies for the digital transformation of small business can be:

Self-employed, small business, medium and large enterprises.
Business Associations and Foundations that carry out economic activities themselves.
What they refer to with digital transformation projects:

E-commerce services.
Subsidies for this type of service would include the possibility of including consulting services. These consultancies would be to provide the necessary personalized advice on e-commerce.

For example, what has to do with: operational, technical, logistical and legal aspects. This is to ensure the success of a virtual store; as well as the implementation of technological solutions and services corresponding to eCommerce, which are intended to market the products and services of the company online.

Digital marketing services.
Also enter those subsidies for the implementation of projects of communication strategies, advertising, and marketing on the Internet. It would also include personalized advice to define the digital marketing plan. Also the implantation of the services and solutions TIC necessary for the beginning of the defined strategy.

Services for the digitalization of business processes.
This is one of the most important parts of the digital transformation of a company. You can also get help to implement ICT solutions that improve the different areas and processes of your company. This has to do with the organization of production, relations with suppliers or clients, environmental management, energy efficiency, logistics and distribution, human resources management, accounting, invoicing and other business management systems.

Digital trust services.
Aimed at projects to carry out actions to improve the security and trustworthiness of services in the digital environment.

All this information is at an informative level and can change according to the requirements of your company and the place where you are.

Find out about the grants that you can obtain at your company’s tax identification site.
By obtaining one of these aids and subsidies for the Digital Transformation of small business you could access the excellent services offered by companies like ZOHO through one of its partners such as SAGITAZ. See an example of the solutions that can help you improve your business from every point of view.

Take this opportunity to modernize your business organization. These types of solutions turn your business into a more efficient, more productive one, in a place where resources are used to their fullest. You will be able to manage everything from one place and have everything controlled and improved by 100%. All the departments of your business will be synchronized and working in an intelligent way.

Don’t waste any more time and ask for information in the closest place you have to get help. Contact us to get advice on all the services to improve the workflow of your business that we can offer you from SAGITAZ.