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10 days, one challenge, one team, one objective: 20.000€

Just 10 days ago, the SagitaZ CEO communicated a new challenge to be faced by the SagitaZ sales team.

“WE NEED 20.000€ IN 10 DAYS”

We knew it was a very ambitious and difficult challenge due to the holiday’s season, because many of our customers and possible customers were out of the office enjoying the Christmas holidays.

We have lived many moments of stress, moments of disappointment because we couldn’t close a deal, moments of joy because we closed a deal….But the best of all, is that we never gave up and we made it to the year-end proud of our work and analyzing what did we do right and what can we do better.

This challenge was a great race from which we learned a lot and obtained good results.

Working towards a measurable objective implied:

  • Planning, organizing and designing a strategy to achieve it
  • Communicating our situation
  • Closing many sales opportunities in which we worked hard during the previous week.
  • A thorough analysis of all our contacts
  • Meeting new customers and their history

All this has demonstrated that if in two of the most complicated weeks of the year we have managed to achieve 70% of our goal, in 2017 we can achieve anything we set our minds on.

In fact, the month of January is already looking good, it seems that we will reap what was sown during these past days.

All that’s left to say is…

2017, here we go!

We wish you all a year full of objectives, goals, challenges, wishes to be fulfilled and dreams to chase.

The SagitaZ team wishes you a Happy New Year!