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There are many companies in the market that provide solutions for other companies where they help them to be more productive.

SagitaZ has been in this business for quite some years now, helping other companies solve their problems by taking advantage of our knowledge and Zoho. In the software industry there are many other companies that offer advisory services, but….

What makes SagitaZ different?

1. Its experience in solving problems

At SagitaZ, the first thing we do when a new company approaches us, is try to obtain a 360º view of the business, this is our starting point. This way, we can find out what is failing, what can be improved and how. Before creating a software solution, we analyze your whole company.

The SagitaZ team is working all day with Zoho tools. This gives us a deep knowledge of how the products work and help us solve many of the problems or incidents reported by our clients, because most of the time we have faced the same issue before and therefore we know how to solve it.

2. Our customers

The main common value of all our customers is the passion for their work, and this is something we share from the beginning. The passion for their work is what leads them to recognize that they have a problem in their company, which they don’t know how to solve, and make the decision to ask us for help.

Our customers are: consolidated companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs that have relatively basic needs because they don’t know all that Zoho can offer, companies that have a global problem and require a solution that implies tearing everything down and start over.

3. Our human capital

The human capital is one of the greatest pillars of our company, it is the reason why our advisory services go beyond a technical solution.

There are two ways of doing this: we can visit your offices or you can come to ours. If you pick the second choice, you will have the opportunity to meet all members of the SagitaZ team. You will find:

  • People who is passionate about their work.
  • Consultants with experience in new projects and consolidated projects.
  • People that worry about your company and everyone that is part of it.

One of the questions that you’ll be asked if you opt for the second choice will be:

Do you have the right team to carry out this project?

This is because we want to know that you and your team will know how to work with the solution that we provide.

To take care of this, we have experts in all the areas that the Zoho tools are grouped in, they will train your team so you can make the most of your software solution.

Our motivation is to help you grow as a company

We want our solution to help your company be more productive.

If you also want to take advantage of our advisory services, fill out this form and we will help you!