WOZTELL Golden Partner : WhatsApp + zOHO

We live in a digital world. Almost 90% of our day is spent looking at a screen sending emails, sending messages via mobile, having meetings via Skype or sending newsletters.

In fact, the World would be stopped if we tried to convert all that digital contact into analogBut this doesn’t mean that we will leave the analog aside, as we know better than anyone what a coffee and a handshake can do for a business.

We recently had the honor of receiving a visit that reaffirmed this idea and made us want to be more present in the day to day of our clients so that they can feel our continous support.

Our vistor was no other than Shankar Ravindranath, Evangelist of Zoho Corp., who came all the way from India to see us and learn more about our work as Zoho Alliance Partners.

It was an honor to share hours of work and conversations with Shankar, and it was also very inspiring to meet someone as Zoholic as us. Thanks to his experience and his knowledge we took an incredible leap forward that still inspires us today.

One of the pillars of our work and one of the most urgent demands of our customers is to apply CRM solutions to improve the relationship with their customers which means we rarely look the other way and take care of our suppliers.

Shankar’s desire to know us, inspire us and lead us, not only renewed our desire to be number 1 for our customers but also sow the desire to be number 1 for our suppliers. A paella and a few beers witnessed many confidences and advice that we keep as a treasure and try to apply on our day to day.

Indications that could have arrived via Skype or email, had a much deeper impact thanks to the pleasant one-to-one experience of having Shankar in Spain.

We want to thank you for crossing half the world and for spending this time with us. It was crucial to finish s2017 and start 2018 with the Zoho spirit that we like. Shankar, here’s your home, come back whenever you want!


And you, do you take care of your relationship with suppliers, as you do with your customers? Do you find it difficult to get off the chair and jump into the real world to shake hands?