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If you want to improve your job opportunities and get new profesional challenges, we have the best academic training for you. Zenith School the first and the only one online school for business focused on Zoho applications and created by SagitaZ, offers 3 online university courses in order you to become an expert in Sales and Marketing, in Developing Web Applications and in Finance. Learn in a relax way from your home, taking your time and without shedules with the help of highly qualified Zoho consultants and pretigious teachers of Valencia University.

Oficial recognition from Valencia University

The Zenith School posgraduates methodology is online (bilingual both in Spanish and English) with theoretical and practical clases. Moreover, you have at your disposal life clases  which are recorded, so you can access to them whenever you want.

Through 10-12 weeks term of the posgraduate, you’ll have the opportunity to apply all your aquired knowledge by working on a real case. Zenith school posgraduates are focussed to prepare you to the real world, to go from theory to the action! Once the classes are finished and you have passed the final exam, you’ll obtain the oficial certificate from Valencia University and also from Zoho.

Posgraduate course in Commercial Management

Become an expert of Commercial Management and Marketing. Learn how to set up your business, create successful marketing strategies and increase your sales faster with Zoho Marketing and Sales. Besides this, you’ll have the opportunity to create an e-commerce platform with different payment applications and shops online. All your business needs to succeed in the market!

Posgraduate course in web applications design with Zoho Creator

Internet and the world of web applications offer to you a wide range of job opportunities. With this posgraduate course you’ll learn how to design web applications to manage processes in the organizations easily and faster with Zoho Creator. If you don’t know anything about programming, it doesn’t matter. In fact, this posgraduate have been attended by different professionals profiles such as comercial and marketing managers, executives managers or officer administrators. You’ll learn to design tailored solutions and cover all company’s needs from the begining!

Posgraduate course in Finance

If you are good in numbers, we have the best posgraduate to become an expert in Finance Management with Zoho Finance. With this online university course you’ll learn to improve your financial processes and take all your accounts under control. The course counts on a complete program wich includes financial plan, invoicing, inventory, expenses control, digital accounting and financial reporting.

If you are interested in Zenith School onlie university courses, hurry up and register now! Classes start the Second of May. What are you waiting for? Get more information about it here.  Learn from the best ones of Zoho solutions and be ready to success in the job market!