WOZTELL Golden Partner : WhatsApp + zOHO
Cost Between 500 and 1500 $/€
Duration Less than a week
Sector Distribution / Retail

At SagitaZ we know that the difference between having data and having information depends 100% on how the data is presented.

During the execution of a project we had a case where a customer of ZOHO CRM and ZOHO BOOKS, needed a quick and practical view of thousands of data registered at the end of the month by the sales team.

To achieve this, imagine a Google map where you can see different icons with different colors…

  • Where are your customers A, B or C … and which are your unattended areas
  • Where are your most important or closest potentials to close
  • Which area is being visited the most and which area is not
  • Where are you selling and which product families are being sold
  • The effect on new Leads of a particular marketing campaign
  • In which areas are we billing the most and the billing statu
  • …and a thousand more ideas that you have too!

Want to know what it’s all about?

Follow these steps and move the mal to see all the pins:

  1. Click on the pin that you want
  2. Try the Satellite view
  3. Drag Pegman to a place on the map

Interactive map from Google Maps with 18,000 Zoho CRM customers

It is clear that the customer had all this data, although he did not have “information” for decision making in a matter of seconds.

SagitaZ, has converted thousands of lines of a report into a Dashboard that through colors and marks provides information for a quick decision making.

Do you like lists … or visual reports? How much would this help you?

Do you need us to include this feature in your ZOHO CRM … or any other?

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