WOZTELL Golden Partner : WhatsApp + zOHO

After the release of the new Zoho CRM last July 2016, we want to announce the new features that will be added to your Zoho CRM starting February 28th.


1) Zia will be your sales assistant

Zia will analyze how your organization uses Zoho CRM and make suggestions to improve your productivity. In addition Zia will provide:

  • Trend analysis, prediction and detection of anomalies
  • Macros and Workflows Suggestions
  • You will know the best time to contact your leads and contacts

2) Sell faster

The main goal of most CRM users is to close sales and now it’s easier than ever with: scoring rules and SalesSignals.

Scoring rules allows you to automatically assign points to CRM records based on previously specified criteria. Both negative and positive scorings are allowed.

This option is available in the following modules: leads, accounts, contacts and potentials. This way you can prioritize the care of each record based on its score.

On the other hand, SalesSignals is a feature associated withZoho CRM to receive notifications from potential customers, contacts and leads. You can find this feature by clicking on the bell on the top right.

In addition, SalesSignals supports notifications of third-party applications via API which can be tracked within Zoho CRM.

3) Sell better with Blueprint

Blueprint is an online reproduction of your sales process. It contains all the details of your offline processes associated with your customers with in CRM. There are two Blueprint types:

  1. Regular: It is an intermittent process that can be used by different users in different stages of the record.
  2. Continuous: It is a process that goes through all the record stages without interruptions.

4) New extensions

Starting today, there are more extensions available in the Zoho CRM Marketplace.

5) Conditional fields

You will be able to create concise forms in Zoho CRM. Conditional fields are like dependency fields. A CRM user can change the designbased on the unique field value. It can be achieved using workflow rules forthe required module based on the established criteria.

6) Integration with Slack

Have better sales conversations in Slack by sharing CRM data. By using Slack the user can share records, charts, discuss and receiveevent reminders.

7) Integration with Microsoft Office 365

Thanks to the integration of Zoho CRM with Microsoft Office, you can:

  • Add new users
  • Synchronize the Zoho CRM Calendar and Contacts with Office365

As we said at the beginning of the post, these new features will be available in Zoho CRM starting February 28th. If you haveany doubts, please contact us by using the chat in the lower right corner.