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Surely when reading Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the first thing that comes to mind are words like: explosion, burn down, fire…Luckily with Zoho this doesn’t happen.

Since this mobile device went out on the market, there’s been several cases of incidents due a manufacturing defect.

The company has tried to solve this issue in several occasions but it hasn’t worked, and it has been forced to take off the market all the units just as you can see in this video:

But this manufacturing defect goes beyond causing physical harm because in this technological era we carry all our data and our life in our smartphone.

So, if our smartphone burns down the consequences are: loss of our mobile device, burns or physical harm and the imminent loss of all information stored in our smartphone.

As a result of this situation, we have received calls from our customers telling us about their terrible experience and concerned about the information stored in their smartphones.

 – SagitaZ, good morning, how may I help you?

–Hello, good morning I’m Alejandro. I am calling to tell you about a horrible incident that has happened to my smartphone. Months ago, I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and this morning it just caught on fire right in my office. Luckily I didn’t suffer any physical harm neither more things were caught on fire, but I am worried because I think I lost all the information and data stored in the Zoho Apps I had installed on my smartphone.

-Don’t worry Alejandro, your data was stored in the Zoho apps so even though this apps were stored in your smartphone, your data is still safe in the cloud.

– Oh, thank you so much!

Conversations like this take place very often these days at our offices. Luckily Zoho is a cloud SaaS solution and all the information stored in the Zoho Apps is intact and safe.

If you’re not working with a SaaS solution yet and want to keep your data safe, I advise you to check out this post:

Are SaaS solutions, like Zoho, safe?

Have you experienced something similar or know someone who has?

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