Not long ago John Malkovich said that “If there is no emotion, a movie is irrelevant.”

That mantra could be applied to everything we do in life, including this blog, but there is not emotion in what we write here, our articles could be just as irrelevant.

But this article was not about telephony and Zoho? Yes, yes, we have not lost ourselves, what we mean is that it may seem strange, but many of our customers are literally excited when they discover the impressive improvements that can mean for their business to integrate their phone system with Zoho through our Spotfone solution.

At the moment they discover that their phone is much more than some device they have on the table that they only listen to when it rings or talk through when they call. Spotfone suddenly becomes their secret weapon to achieve things that at that moment never imagined it would take their business to infinity and beyond.

We even discover new Spotfone applications by talking to our customers and discovering the endless ways telephony creates new business models:

Our Spotfone TOP 13 (or 12 + 1 in memory of that legend of the sport called Ángel Nieto that left us recently)

1.- Who has not dreamed that their switchboard knows what to do depending on who enters it?

Spotfone can redirect your incoming call automatically so things like:

– The welcome message is in their language (if you receive calls from different countries)

– The message has to do with campaigns that have attracted that customer to you.

– The customer is Served by the most appropriate agent or staff

– The customer listen to the correct messages in the queue

2.- The content of the call does not have to be told to you only by your agent or client, listen to it by yourself and solve problems with an objective vision of what happened in the conversations.

Spotphone can record all calls to:

-Review how your agents work

-Resolve possible conflicts in the communication of a call

-Support any legal management

-Transcribe audio to text

3.- The best way to not forget something is not even have to remember it, because Spotfone does it for you.

Spotone automatically logs all incoming and outgoing calls. Independently if calls are made directly from Zoho or from an IP phone or from your mobile or tablet and thereby register:

– Call duration

– Date and time of call

– Comment written on each call

– Agent that made the call

4. Call anywhere you want. Say goodbye to the times where to register your calls in your Zoho CRM | Desk you have to be near your computer. Spotfone will work just the same wherever you are as it is geo-location.

– Take calls in the office, at home, on the street or from another country

– Receive the call on your mobile or tablet.

– Call from your mobile using GSM through Spotfone (Gateway function) with the outgoing number of the company while maintaining the recording function

5 .- Cross the borders. Have your organization have a presence throughout your country with local numbers or any country in the world with international numbers,

both inbound and outbound. Your incoming calls from other countries will be free of charge for you and with local cost for your customers

6.- At the office they look at you weird because you have a Mac or you have adventure yourself with Linux or what the hell, you have a Chromebook? No problem, Spotfone works with any standalone device.

– Use any laptop or desktop, tablet or mobile.

– Any operating system: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone.


7.- With Spotfone you can do much more for much less:

– Free incoming calls

– Unlimited call recording

– Minimum cost per additional extension

– Extension without limits

– Unlimited call waiting queues

8.- One of the great advantages of Spotfone and its capabilities of telephony Voice IP is its great Flexibility, for example you will have:

– Unlimited additional extensions

– Voicemail to email

– Different messages depending on the time of reception of the call

– FaxMail, receive and send Faxes

– Sending SMS

9.- Spotfone gives you the possibility to know how your calls evolve with complete Statistics:

– Call origination

– Calling Destinationsd

– Call costs

– Peaks of entry and exit

– Business Intelligence

10.- Stay in control of the situation, Spotfone enables you to:

– Hot Listening

– Real-time call monitoring

– Cost limit

– Transfer of internal and external calls

– Access control panel online

11.- Simplicity: Spotfone is very simple to install and configure.

– Quick Install

– Easy setup

– Minimum use of software

12.- Support: In our team we are always available for what you need

– Extensive hours

– Tailor made developments

– Telecommunication Engineers titled actions

– Extensive experience.


13.- Integrations: Spotfone enables integration with a wide range of platforms



– Zoho CRM | Zoho Desk

– Zoho Analytics

– Google Maps- Zoho Marketplace