What to do if Zoho is down?

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It is possible that once a year Zoho disconnects its servers for scheduled maintenance or open new servers.

It is in these cases that we always remind you how to work duringthe disconnections.

Access to “read-only” versions.

Zoho has read-only accesses, which only allow you to read data. We can use his accesses to read specific data while the server is disconnected.

Links to read-only APPs

The APPs that have read-only access are the following:

Use the APPs for smartphone and tablet

Another tactic if you want to keep working, for example in your CRM, is to use the phone APP.

This will allow the data to be updated when the app can be synchronized again with Zoho servers.

Zoho servers’ status

Zoho has a transparency policy, showing at all times the status of its servers and response times from different cities around the world.

In this link, you can access that information.