WOZTELL Golden Partner : WhatsApp + zOHO

ZOHO Creator is one of the jewels of the crown of ZOHO suite that is even available in the ZOHO One superlicense. Even without a manual, you will see that ZOHO Creator can be a fantastic tool.

We, in SAGITAZ, saw this from the moment of our beginnings and while the rest of companies in the ZOHO ecosystem were dedicated to specialize in selling standard solutions or failing to do the customizations in PHP, in SAGITAZ one of our first projects was an ERP to manage textile processes in factories in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, USA, etc.

For that one whenever we wanted to demonstrate our knowledge we only had to show the more than 300,000 lines of code developed in Creator. When presenting it in a San Francisco ZOHOLICS of 2015 everyone in ZOHO USA asked us: Is this done only with ZOHO?

Can everyone be a ZOHO Creator customer?

The simple answer is that if you have enough money/time, it is yes, and if the money/time can be an impediment it is better to ask yourself some more questions and not to jump into the pool without knowing if there is water in it previously.

ZOHO Creator can be used for many purposes, from creating a simple DB to creating a BPM-like application to manage your entire business.

We must understand that the business of ZOHO Creator in some meaning is a business of hosting data, but instead of letting you save files simply as DROPBOX does for example, ZOHO offers us a programming language so we can save records in an organized way, attach files, automate actions, intercommunicate different tools, etc. Although if we analyse the business in its base is the same as DROPBOX:

You will pay for storing data and the more you store, in one way or another, the more you will pay.

Currently and after many years of maturation of the product the ZOHO Creator team has opened its limits and allows that one of the most unliked by us, as of the number of users and the number of registrations can be UNLIMITED. The price is not cheap, however we think that whoever uses this, should focus on thinking how to make money with many customers and not on the cost of your software infrastructure.

What is your experience buying a development?

Choosing an honest and knowledgeable company to hire development is vital to the buyer, and at the same time working to develop only for companies that are prepared to take on the problems of buying custom development is vital for the supplier.

In SAGITAZ we have a classification in our business opportunities that we call “Lost by anti-technological client” and is that with the passage of years we have learned that not all the companies that say they want a solution, is willing to pay the price/effort/real dedication that would have its development.

All companies have the same needs to have a tool that simplifies the work, saves time, takes care of their clients and offers concrete information instead of unstructured data.

The problem is that a company of medium or large size, has the technical and human resources, as well as experience to buy, and has usually experience in valuing a technological partner, whereas a micro-SME wants it all and its resources are usually scarce and look for a place to buy instead of a travel companion.

For that in SAGITAZ every week we receive briefings or documents that try to explain a need of a potential client, so that we can quote them. That document has usually been developed the owner or owner of the micro-SME or someone of his confidence, although, it confuses the knowledge of what is wanted with the knowledge of what can be achieved, or what you can or cannot do with a programming language like that of ZOHO Creator.

From a generic ideas document, it should never be quoted, since it is subject to many interpretations, as many people read it, and it is the team of developers, who for a development hour price end up giving the client a solution on how to control a business: 1 hour of business consulting should be worth 25 hours of the development. One defines how to manage a company, the other creates the tool defined by the consultant.

To be able to create a quote, the development company must receive an RFP document. The RFP or request for proposal is a document where from the briefing and always with the help of the client, it tries to define exactly how a custom application should work, what its mode of use should be, its limits if it exists as well as in how many phases the solution must be delivered so that it can be tested and verified by the customer.

You cannot make an RFP for something to be programmed in ZOHO Creator if you do not know MUCH Zoho Creator.

What if ZOHO Creator was a kitchen?

If ZOHO Creator was a kitchen, it would be a place where we could create all sorts of wonderful or horrible meals, where SAGITAZ would be your restaurant and you as a client would tell us what you want to eat (briefing). If what you tell us is really simple as a toast of rye bread with jam and a latte with a few simple questions we could make you happy and make it fast.

If what you tell us is a dish that requires an elaboration and you want to be sure that it can be done, you must know what you want and the kitchen to create the appropriate recipe (RFP). Maybe you should enter the kitchen, help us choose the ingredients, write the recipe together, test the result until it is to your liking and thus we will hit the exact recipe that you like before doing it for all your guests (complete development ). Creating this RPF together takes a while and must be hired by the customer (50, 100, 200 hours, etc.), otherwise the cook … would only sell toast with jam, don’t you think?

If you want a good chef to help you make your recipe, do not ask him to work for free.
If he is really good he’ll have other paid jobs and you want him to give you his full attention right?

Choose a good chef and get him in the kitchen!