Success story with business software for Reistock, a LATAM company

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Success story with business software for Latin America by the company Reistock

Wouldn’t you like to have business solutions that allow you to have a better organization in your business? As companies grow, they generate problems and rigidities in their organizational processes.

By this, we mean that they are gathering papers, internal procedures, bureaucracy and things that consume resources and energy. The intelligent management of human resources and all sectors of an organization must be modernized with the tools that fortunately are available today.

This is the case of the business software solutions for Latin America provided by a ZOHO partner like SAGITAZ. It offers all kinds of tools that improve business efficiency by 200%. From time to time we present examples of companies that have chosen to take the necessary step to modernize their management. Just as we have presented success stories in Spain, we also have cases in Latin America.

Today we present a new success story for Latin American companies that use SAGITAZ’s services to implement ZOHO in their organizations.

In this case, we have the Latin American company Reistock. This company is dedicated to the real estate sector. More precisely, it is dedicated to commercial real estate management and is located in the capital of Chile, Santiago de Chile.

The operations director of the company, Juan Sebastian Morales has expressed his experience with SAGITAZ and his satisfaction. Morales told us that his company manages more than 80 people. There comes a time when so many employees make you lose control and visibility of what is happening in the organization.

What they wanted most with SAGITAZ was to be able to manage everything more easily and flexibly. Their company had become too rigid. That rigidity did not allow them to move forward as a business and that is exactly what SAGITAZ came up with its business solutions.

Reistock found himself with a lot of uncontrolled personnel and rigid organizational processes.

They wanted to solve this with more flexibility and that the modernization of the company would lead to a better possibility of scaling the business. That is, optimize the company’s resources to obtain more profitability by lowering costs and being more flexible.

In addition to all this, they needed a technological partner that would make this transformation, so necessary for the company, possible. That is how they found SAGITAZ, a ZOHO partner, specialized in business software implementations in Latin America. They discovered SAGITAZ, a top team in ZOHO’s Spanish-speaking implementations.

This was confirmed by their own words during the time they had implemented ZOHO’s solutions through SAGITAZ. He was able to find here a team of professionals in whom he could trust and always have the necessary support when required. They didn’t have to spend too much time on top of the developers for everything to go well. The whole process has been quite agile and in a short time, they had everything running smoothly.

Only at the beginning, they needed some time to get the structure well implemented and then there are just a few details left to go on with. The ZOHO tool works perfectly and you can see the results in the short term. Everything works as it should.

The updates are all working properly and they are making the most of it. The company now has more flexibility, with a relief in multiple tasks that have been simplified thanks to the software, saving, time, costs and with better quality results for the final clients.

Watch the video where Reistock’s director talks about his successful experience with SAGITAZ

The software solutions for Latin American companies that SAGITAZ provides as a ZOHO partner are varied and of high quality.

These business software solutions will help you improve all aspects and sectors of your organization. From marketing and sales, logistics, security, communications, human resource management, administrative processes and all kinds of modern applications.

It’s time to modernize your business, be more flexible, overcome organizational bureaucracy and perform better. You deserve to have a better business and your effort can be better focused on what really matters. It’s not worth wasting any more energy and time on things that tools like Latin American business software can give you. It is the way to grow and scale your business.

Do you want to succeed like this company? If you want to have business solutions for the Latin American company you have to try this service. Take advantage now and contact us to receive complete advice at no cost to your business. We have the best solutions to adapt to the particular characteristics of what your organization requires.