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Zoholics México 2020
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Why attend the ZOHO 2020 event?

Zoholics Mexico 2020 is the annual ZOHO user conference. It is a great way to meet the ZOHO team live and face to face. This way you can have direct explanations of what you can do in your business with ZOHO applications.

As always, you will be able to establish contacts with people like you who use ZOHO’s solutions for organizations. Companies and organizations of all types and sizes come together here, so it’s a great opportunity to establish exchanges and enrich the experience.

During the first night, you will be able to enjoy events related to topics such as commerce, finance, marketing, services, and sales. Also about ZOHO’s applications for logistics and customer service. All of these topics and more to take advantage of in your company and differentiate your brand. But of course, you can also find out what’s new at ZOHO.

Zoholics Mexico 2020 will take place at this address: Hotel Hilton Mexico City Reforma, Avenida Juarez 70, Centro, Mexico City.

Discount for the ZOHO Zoholics 2020 event in Mexico.

If you are looking to register for ZOHO’s most important event of the year in Mexico you can do with a 15% discount before 15th february, thanks to SAGITAZ with this code: CXSAGITAZ. At the end of the post, you have the link to register and the means of contacting our customer service team for help.

The ZOHO event of the year will have this agenda and themes.

On the first day of Zoholics Mexico, you have all these topics.

  • Find out what’s new at ZOHO.
  • CRM 2020 Keynote: Customize your sales, on a large scale.
  • ZOHO Marketing Plus: Improve and enhance your brand visibility by uniting your marketing efforts.
  • The value of Community and self-service and the Community as support.
  • Analysis and Case Study of Sales Success.
  • Create ROI dashboards to track your KPIs across the entire marketing channel.
  • Also in Support and other Apps: Data flow between applications.
  • Change the way you look at your CRM.
  • Success case analysis using ZOHO’s marketing tools.
  • SalesIQ: Chatbots that attract customers
  • Take the automation of your processes to a higher level.
  • Build Applications with ZOHO Creator.
  • Create impressive custom pages that improve your conversion rate.
  • ZOHO Catalyst & Sigma.
  • Sell on the fly.
  • Introducing Zpartner.
  • Customer service experiences through digital channels using automation.
  • ZOHO Marketing Plus: Increase your brand visibility by joining marketing efforts.
  • Execute events that impact.
  • The product is introduced: ZOHO Lens.
  • Email in 2020: Trust the most popular marketing channel.
  • Put versatile support tools at the heart of your business.

The second day continues with talks and conferences on these topics:

  • Overview of ZOHO One.
  • Business strategy with ZOHO.
  • Build and automate sales processes that can be scaled.
  • Get potential customers through marketing channels. How to take advantage of automation.
  • Unified communication. Communication and productivity.
  • CRM PLUS helps you develop unique customer experiences and sell.
  • Make your e-commerce business grow.
  • Manage projects collaboratively.
  • CRM focused on Services.
  • Prepare documents and sign contracts.
  • The advantages of CRM Insights and Analytics.
  • Build your presence in Social Networks and acquire an audience.
  • Involve your workforce through the most recommended Human Resources software.
  • Manage workflows of your business.

As you can see the themes on Zoholics México are really interesting for those who use ZOHO to empower their organization. Don’t miss it and take advantage of the Zoholics 2020 event in Mexico. Without a doubt, it is the most important event that will take place throughout the year. Contact us now with any questions you may have about the ZOHO event. You can register for the event via the following link: Zoholics 2020 Mexico Registration.