Good reception of Zoho community meetup in Valencia

WOZTELL Golden Partner : WhatsApp + zOHO

ESIC’s facilities in Valencia hosted our Zoho Community Meetup last week with the attendance of entrepreneurs from different sectors interested in knowing the last news about Zoho. This time Sagitaz Ceo, José Pérez, talked about how to be more efficient with WhatsApp, Skype, Hangout and Linkedin with Zoho CRM.

The importance of the communication in the company was one of the main subjects of the event as well as how we can manage all information we get from different channels with the Zoho’s help: orders, enquiries, complains, email trash…

Zoho apps allow you to clasify and automate these processes in an efficient way saving a lotf of time and resources, thus contributing to a better communication management.

How to increase sells in Linkedin

During the event we counted on the presence of Social Selling Consultant and specialist in Linkedin, David M. Calduch who taught us to be more powerful in selling with Linkedin. Calduch talked about the advantages of Linkedin tool, Sales Navigator with which you can engage to your potential clients and establish a more personalized relationship with them.

Let’s have a look about what happened in our Zoho Community meetup in Valencia with the following video. We’ll come back with more Zoho community meetups in Valencia next 26th April to talk about the new Spanish Law of Data Protection. Stay tunned!