Are you in Madrid? Do you like to be up to date with new trends in VoIP technology? Maybe your company is implementing digital software. Maybe you are already taking advantages of the benefits that Zohos’s offers. Or maybe you are discovering how competitive your business can be implementing all these tools. Moreover, maybe you are not satisfied and you want to be more efficient with the working in your business.

We know that is a normal situation among all those who seek to improve their business. If you are one of them, take the opportunity and visit us the 15th and 16th November in VoIP2DAY at the 5th Stand in Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid.

If you need information on how to attend to the event, tell us here.


Fortunately, there is something amazing that we want to show you! Can you imagine integrating your company’s mobile telephony with your entire internal and external management system? That is what it is about Spotfone.

ERP Modular Cloud SagitaZ360º is what we mean by integrating these new telephony’s tool through all your ERP’s business. This system allows you to manage sales, finance, marketing, logistics, customer management, projects and much more areas. At the same time that you manage the telephony and call centre system.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and attend to the event that could revolutionize your business system. Ask us for your event ticket here!