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Ludwig Wittgenstein, the famous Austrian philosopher who revolutionized the theories of linguistic communication, said that the limits of language are the limits of the world.

Nowadays, many previously unreachable barriers are being crossed and eliminated thanks to new technologies, although cultural ones are still a challenge to overcome due to the complexity that this entails.

SagitaZ Corp. is a company that, above all, stands out for its humanity, empathy and closeness, aspects that are constantly highlighted by the companies that come to us. We must also add our communicative and international vocation. In fact, many of our first customers are now thousands of kilometres away in different parts of the world.

In our staff we have people who speak English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish… They are not translators, they are employees, product managers, communicators, creatives, sales agents, that apart from doing their jobs, they also invest their time in translating our publications into other languages, that is why we make it our own.

In SagitaZ there are no outsourced functions. It is very important for us to maintain the quality of our services and human resources. This quality includes the communications that we do, such as websites, blogs, newsletter, social networks, etc., which are born in our offices, discussed among ourselves and finally translated.

Therefore, in order to make our projects, new products, services, etc. available to the largest number of people and companies, we must invest a significant amount of our resources to expand our business.

Do you see the language flags that are on all our web pages and blogs on the top right hand corner? If you have been following our communications for some time now, you will see that as time goes by more languages are added. Now those flags have a new partner, Italy. And that’s not all, soon Portugal and Germany will join.

If you contact us because you landed in one of our publications through, for instance, a Google search, it is important for you to know that not only do we publish in the languages mentioned above, but we also offer our services in such languages.

 For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.