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From SagitaZ point of view, we believe a good academy training can be the entrance door to new job opportunities. For that reason, last week we announced to you 3 online university posgraduate courses to become an expert in Sales and Marketing, in Developing Web Applications and in Finance with Zoho applications. You can study online this university posgraduate courses thanks to Zenith School, the first and the only one online school for business focused on Zoho applications and created by SagitaZ. This courses are recognized by Valencia University and Zoho and you’ll get the oficial certificate.

If you have not registered yet, you are on time luckily, but hurry up because the classes start on may! Now you can take the advantage of this GIFT VOUCHER that will cover the expenses of the posgraduate course you choose. That’s true!! 

In SagitaZ we don’t want the economical condition to be an obstacle that avoid you to study these posgraduates and become an expert in Zoho applications with the help of highly qualified Zoho consultants and pretigious teachers of Valencia University. For that reason, we make it easy for you with this gift voucher. The conditions to get benefit from it are the folowing: 

Gift voucher conditions and terms:


  • Valid for SagitaZ customers, new or current in projects signed after May, 2018
  • The Gift certificate is redeemable for the following services:
    • Consulting
    • Training
    • CRM Auditing, Marketing, Books – Finances, VoIP.
    • Developments with a cost superior to 4,000€
    • Development of custom marketing campaigns
  • The cost of the Degree (1.250€ for web aplications and 938 € for Sales and Marketing, and Finance posgraduate) will be discounted from the value (without VAT) of the services acquired.
  • The gift voucher is valid for 90 days after the start of the Degree.
  • The student must work for the company that acquired the services.
  • Only one gift certificate per company will be issued.
  • The company that benefits from this offer CANNOT be a reseller of Zoho products/services.
  • SagitaZ reserves the right to modify the offer based on the company needs.

Get more information about posgraduate courses HERE and get the GIFT VOUCHER now!