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Duplicate detection in our Zoho CRM is one of the most tedious tasks that a CRM administrator has to do.

Although Zoho CRM has a “merge” option for leads and contacts and an option that prevents duplicate records to be created based on the email address, both these options are not enough if your CRM obtains information from multiple sources.

If you just manually create records or just a few records are inserted now and then through web forms, then probably everything will run smoothly.

But if your company is like ours, and you always strive for more and focus your efforts on obtaining information through:

· Web Forms embedded in different websites and in different languages
· Surveys using Zoho Survey
· Zoho SalesIQ chat support
· Scanning presentation cards using Zoho Card Scanner or other apps.
· Apps that directly insert information in your CRM such as ERPs, accounting programs, other CRMs, etc.
· Other sources…

….You will need a simple process to guarantee that no duplicates will be created and what is good for us, is good for you. So just because you’re a Zoho CRM and a Zoho Analytics customer, we will share with you a code that will allow you to view a list of all your current duplicated records at that exact moment.

We use it in our CRM and you should too

There are two ways for you to obtain it: by purchasing 1 hour of Zoho Analytics support or FREE if you purchase Zoho Analytics with us.

Oh, and of curse if you already use Zoho Analytics with us, CLAIM this value added service to our Sales team and they will schedule a time for our technician to set up your new duplicate report.

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