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After several months of work, meetings and debates…

The beta version of the SagitaZ website has been launched!

We were aware that we have spent years in this company without a website that communicates what we really are and the services we have. This is why we needed to extract the essence of the company and capture it in this new website.

This has been possible thanks to the great work of the Creative team that we have at SagitaZ:

Since August 2016, the creative, marketing and sales teams, web developers, product managers, the SagitaZ Corp. CEO and the SagitaZ Mexico CEO have been behind this great project analyzing, designing, planning and executing what we call the beta or zero version of this new website.

The main message that we want to transmit through the web is based on our own experience after working so many years with the customers.

What can I do to grow?

One of the biggest goals of SagitaZ is to make companies grow with us. That is why we work on developing solutions, using Zoho technology, for every business.

In our website you can learn more about everything we can offer you: consulting, products, pricing, solutions, services, support and even get to know us.

There is still so much work to be done in this project, because as we have said, we have just launched the zero version and there are still many sections under construction.

So, we invite you to leave your suggestions in the box that appears in the lower left corner of the website. All suggestions will be taken into account and if you leave us your email or phone number, the website developers will be the ones who contact you to thank you and see how they can integrate your suggestion.


You can submit suggestions of all types:

  • Sections that you would like us to include
  • Suggestions regarding the design
  • Spelling errors
  • Tips for improving the user experience
  • Suggestions regarding the usability level
  • If something does not work on your browser
  • Any aspect you think that we can improve

As we have said before, the website is under constant development. So, in the upcoming weeks, the website will be responsive and will be available in English. We are also working on the Russian, French, German and Chinese versions.

What do you think of the new website?

Leave us your comments on the section below, we’re looking forward to know your opinion.