Change in ZOHO license payments for Mexico

Cambios en licencias de ZOHO para México
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New changes in ZOHO license payments for Mexico

ZOHO licenses for Mexico have changes that we explain in the post. Since January 6th, ZOHO has been invoicing from Mexico. This means that from now on, all companies located in Mexico or based in this country will be able to invoice in their own currency. In addition to being able to invoice in the country’s currency, they will be able to do so according to the conditions of the Mexican tax system.

With this novelty, companies that use ZOHO in Mexico will be able to enjoy these benefits and advantages:

  • Payments within the country.
  • Purchase of licenses with the national currency: Mexican peso.
  • Electronic invoicing as required by the SAT to ZOHO Mexico.
  • Easier for accountants.
  • You can change the date of the license payments and adapt them to your needs.
  • Saves money and time.
  • With ZOHO’s license changes for Mexico, take advantage of the benefits of e-invoicing.

Let’s see all the benefits of using e-invoicing for your business.

  • Total integration with your platform.
  • Total customization of templates.
  • It is an application with total SaaS features.
  • You can distribute by email the XML files and in PDF format.
  • It significantly improves communication with customers.
  • Tracking functions.
  • Administration and sales processes are efficiently streamlined.
  • Possibility of integration with all of ZOHO’s finance and accounting products
  • Communication with suppliers is also 100% improved.
  • You will be able to continue using the same tools you are already using.
  • No additional software to install.
  • Forget about ineffective and repetitive tasks. Everything is now more automated and effective. For example, you will be able to automate the flow of invoices.
  • Invoices are also automated in different formats such as XML and PDF.
  • Invoices can be created from ZOHO’s accounting and administrative applications.
  • You improve your company’s professional image 100%. At this point, you will be able to strengthen communications with your clients by means of a web image, a reinforcement of the visual identity, image in social networks, etc.
  • The implementation process is personalized and comprehensive.
  • The company’s fiscal data are received.
  • It is possible to configure the company in the PAC service.
  • The frequency of the connector is defined.
  • You can create fields in the modules of invoices, contacts and specific products.

In relation to other market options, it has these advantages.

  • Advanced data is used in the fiscal aspect with totally flexible technology.
  • Competitive prices have been negotiated with the PAC CFDI that has been chosen.
  • Availability of use in electronic invoicing 3.3.
  • It has tracking functions.
  • In addition, new functions are being developed and will be available in the short term. For example, warehouse identification. The incorporation of the expiry date, identify the supplier and product serial number.

With SAGITAZ Corp. e-invoice you can do everything much easier.

As you know, the electronic invoice checks your purchases of goods and services for tax purposes. In addition to switching to modernity and abandoning paper, you will be able to comply with your tax obligations in a transparent and effective manner. No more headaches because with this tool everything is easier and faster.

In Mexico, electronic invoicing is mandatory. In addition, you must comply with the rules of the Tax Administration Service. Thanks to the SAGITAZ e-invoice connector you will be able to comply 100% with these regulations.

  • In addition, you can also enter your fiscal data in ZOHO Books.
  • Apart from that, you avoid duplicating invoices.
  • It is an excellent complement to the information.
  • With the connector, you can take the invoices that have been made in each hour.
  • When the CFDI’s are generated, which is the digital tax receipt, they are sent by email to each client.

Now, we are moving forward to facilitate the use of e-invoices from Mexico. Thanks to this advance, as we said before, it will be possible to invoice in national currency, among other detailed benefits. Don’t wait any longer and start boosting your business to the future. Paper is a thing of the past and tedious procedures only take time and money away from your company. The business future is with e-invoicing.

In resume, SAGITAZ Corp helps you with all this by being your technological partner. It accompanies the daily life of your company, driving your business towards modernity and the first organizational level. You can see everything that e-invoice has to offer in this link: e-invoice. Contact us to receive advice on this product for business solutions.